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the front limb (or the homologous structure in other animals, such as a flipper or wing)

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Lemon's lesson demonstrated how birds, whales, crocodiles and humans have different forelimbs, but they can be traced back to a common evolutionary ancestor, an ancient species of fish, where the bone layout in the front appendages was developed and successfully passed on.
Vets said the injuries suggested the dog had its legs ripped apart, with one reporting: "The injuries were consistent with a person pulling a puppy by its forelimbs using undue force.
calves 2 4 Method of death Euthanasia 2 3 Spontaneous 0 1 Bodyweight, kg 49 [+ or -] 4 39 [+ or -] 3 ([double dagger]) ([section]) Axial musculoskeletal system Defect location Cervical 0 2 Thoracic 0 0 Lumbar 0 0 Type of deviation Lateral 0 2 Dorso-ventral 0 0 Helicoidal 0 0 Appendicular musculo-skeletal system Arthrogryposis 0 3 ([greater than or equal to]1 limb involved) Symetric limb NA 3 involvement Forelimb/hind limb NA 0 involvement Forelimbs only NA 2 Hind limbs only NA 1 Head Coaptation defect Prognathism 0 0 Brachygnathism 0 1 Altered profile Horse-like 0 1 Pig-like 0 0 Broken sagittal axis 0 1 Central nervous system Porencephaly 2 3 Hydranencephaly 1 1 Hydrocephaly 0 0 Cerebellar hypoplasia 0 0 Micromyelia 2 4 Characteristic WBD-2 WBD-3 ([dagger]) ([dagger]) No.
After verifying the general anesthesia, the rats were placed in the supine position under a plank of Formica (30 x 35 cm), with the forelimbs immobilized.
The Medical Specialists of Malala on Saturday reduced her sedition to know her condition, subsequently she moved her forelimbs, which is a positive sign", he told a news briefing.
Primeval star Hannah Spearritt As the insect with shovel-like forelimbs strikes fear into the heart of many, Matt hopes to draw it out so it can be killed.
Also, Lyuba has longer forelimbs and Khroma has wider, thicker facial bones and strange growths around the tusk sockets.
Eight formalin fixed rhesus monkey forelimbs were dissected.
The doctor also noted that all digits on both forelimbs have been de-clawed.
The arrangement is by bone type, such as ulna, metacarpals and forelimbs, and femur.
Limb Homology: Bat, rabbit, cat, lizard, fish, and manatee forelimbs * From the evidence supplied at this activity and around the room at other activities.
They had strong hind limbs and much less developed forelimbs.
Their offspring preferred to live and mate in water and by the third generation he noted that they began to develop black nuptial pads on their forelimbs, a feature common to water dwelling species.
In stage 1, female tugs leaf margins using her forelimbs and fastens their edges with viscous foam.