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the forelimb of a quadruped

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He's begun to go a little lame on the left foreleg," he added.
He saw the strong, brown arms encircling the body of the carnivore, the left arm in front of the beast's left shoulder and the right arm behind his right foreleg, and with the impact the two together rolling over and over upon the turf.
The lion was roaring in rage close behind him as he swung the deer across his shoulder, and, grasping a foreleg between his strong teeth, leaped for the nearest of the lower branches that swung above his head.
He grunted once or twice and shifted his weight from one foreleg to the other, at the same time moving his head from side to side and swaying the ferns.
The other fox-terrier, the one with the injured foreleg, endured Michael's sniff with no more than hysterical growls deep in the throat; but the flipping out of Michael's tongue was too much.
There was hope, though, in finding his heart through his exposed chest, or, better yet, of breaking his shoulder or foreleg, and bringing him up long enough to pump more bullets into him and finish him.
Displays will include the renowned capriole upward leap, the levade, which sees the stallion put its entire weight on its hind legs, and the courbette, where it tucks up its forelegs and then jumps forward in a series of hops.
She just loves the warm water and we are seeing major improvements to her arthritic forelegs.
Gollings added: "Laterly also took a heavy fall and, although he's a little bit shaken and has hair missing off his forelegs, particularly on the upper limbs, he's sound and okay.
This powerful creature leans on thin air, forelegs extended, back legs planted on the floor of the room, in it but evidently not of it.
After much cursing and sweating, I once again managed to get both of Ebby's forelegs through the holes in the vest.
Other animals that walk on all fours use the hind limbs for power and their forelegs for braking.
Its rear legs are also much longer than its forelegs, causing it to jump instead of walk.
This elongation of the forelegs has been related to male courtship displays (Kronestedt 1990), as there is direct contact between the forelegs of a male and female A.
At times, males actually box, rising upright and pummeling each other with their forelegs.