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the forelimb of a quadruped

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The creature appeared to be a great lizard at least ten feet high, with a huge, powerful tail as long as its torso, mighty hind legs and short forelegs.
Coming up to the willows, which moaned sadly in the wind, the horse suddenly planted his forelegs above the height of the sledge, drew up his hind legs also, pulling the sledge onto higher ground, and turned to the left, no longer sinking up to his knees in snow.
He held on by main strength of his bent forelegs, then scrambled over and out on deck.
It was a magnificent animal--a great bay stallion with a white-blazed face and white forelegs to the knees, its barrel encircled by a broad surcingle of white; and as it came to a sudden stop beside Tan, the Englishman saw that it bore a man and a girl--a tall man and a girl as beautiful as Co-Tan.
During the long summer day, as his sheep cropped the good grass which the gods had made to grow for them, or lay with their forelegs doubled under their breasts and chewed the cud, Haita, reclining in the shadow of a tree, or sitting upon a rock, played so sweet music upon his reed pipe that sometimes from the corner of his eye he got accidental glimpses of the minor sylvan deities, leaning forward out of the copse to hear; but if he looked at them directly they vanished.
The two little cubs, which had been playing, scampered quickly to her, and standing beneath her, peered out from between her forelegs, their big ears upstanding, their little heads cocked first upon one side and then upon the other.
The eight-year-old was pulled up by Brian Harding after the third in a novice handicap chase and a BHA disciplinary panel noted he "suffered a fracture to the right foreleg, and in this emergency situation was euthanised by the senior veterinary officer".
It was very obvious that there was some pretty major bone damage to the right foreleg.
A month later and no better, Fred's foreleg was amputated as it had become a hindrance to him.
It was also covered in blood from an injury to its left foreleg just above the hoof and was taken into care by the charity.
Carlton House has been the longtime favourite for the premier Classic, but doubts over his participation arose after he developed swelling in his near foreleg.
I placed her left foreleg through the near leg hole.
Flood's mount Schindlers Hunt fell at the third fence in the Melling Chase, fracturing his near foreleg and having to be put down.
has a lame right foreleg (which, in addition to its age, is probably why it was abandoned).
For example, the researchers found that the skeleton of a dog at a Finnish museum depicts the right hind leg in a rearward position while the right foreleg is raised and moving forward.