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Synonyms for foreknow

to know in advance

Synonyms for foreknow

realize beforehand

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Tolkien's vision of humans as "free captives undermining shadowy bars, / digging the foreknown from experience / and panning the vein of spirit out of sense" ("Mythopoeia" 86) is one example of his consistent notion that inherent in the Primary World is a greater truth; this world is a "mirrored truth" through which we can see "the likeness of the True" ("Mythopoeia" 90).
The foreknown and called believers shall be conformed to the image of Christ.
There can be nothing but what will happen necessarily, since there is nothing but what is foreknown by God.
I find fewer images in your later work, though there are still some: 'events that astonish us because they are foreknown,' 'a death announced but not an heir,' 'the unseen throbbing like air following a burst of bells.
He rules and does what he wants; he gives us life and breath, he makes us healthy, he keeps us, he preserves us, he conquers sin and every earthly need for us, he carries out his decree for our salvation as it was foreknown by him from eternity: but all that, my sisters and brothers, he does for now in the cross-form.
Doubtless it was this - that if all future things have been foreknown, they will happen in the order in which they have been foreknown; .
And so, true to the voyage's ancient summons - to reenter the domain of uncertainty, to shake off the givens of here and now, the known and foreknown, to invite the unbidden to repossess (hence recreate) our settled lives - I would like to begin with a series of lingering doubts and questions.
It is commonly denied, inasmuch as the will, since it bears upon what is foreknown, presupposes a being of reason made by the intellect, when and if it bears upon the impossible.
At this time, the MP3 handset emerged in the market and some foreknown handset manufacturers took the lead to launch MP3 handset.