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Synonyms for foreknowledge

prior knowledge


  • prior knowledge
  • advance knowledge
  • previous understanding

Synonyms for foreknowledge

knowledge of an event before it occurs

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So they absolutely did not have any foreknowledge of this operation.
In order for God to choose one state of affairs over another, he has to know what would happen under both circumstances--these are the counterfactuals that simple foreknowledge denies.
Bernecker carefully considers major misconceptions about God's providence, man's responsibility, free will, and the doctrines of predestination, election, perseverance and foreknowledge.
Prepunishment and Explanatory Dependence: A New Argument for Incompatibilism about Foreknowledge and Freedom, PATRICK TODD
But if you display too much foreknowledge based on their social media profiles, you've probably crossed the line.
Murray in his statement describes himself as someone who "always sought to play by the rules,'' and he forcefully denies foreknowledge of Mr.
With that in mind, it's best not to watch this over your tea as the writers play mischievously with our foreknowledge of Lecter in a series of icky food preparation and dining scenes.
and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, shows a specialized police department called PreCrime that apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge, along with a face recognition software, provided by three psychics called precogs.
Blaming the spate of "terrorist" acts on the Dalai Lama "clique," Chinese authorities have put in place measures to stop self-immolations, including rewards for people who tipped off officials with foreknowledge of self-immolations, orders against showing of sympathy to the victim's families and clamping down on access to information.
Peter Lanza had absolutely no foreknowledge of his son's attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to (http://gothamist.
would have adequate foreknowledge of any Iranian plans to build a bomb, U.
Foreknowledge of the series, or indeed Carpe Jugulum itself, is definitely not necessary for this to be enjoyed.
In order to guarantee genuine openness in creation, God cannot possess exhaustive definite foreknowledge (EDF) with regard to the future.
Foreknowledge of North Sea supply dispositions will give CNOOC a leg up in its trading operations, not only in the North Sea, but worldwide, should the company choose to make use of what it will be learning.
It argues that most of God's attributes do not pose a consistency problem with realism about randomness; nevertheless, four issues--purpose, control, foreknowledge, and causality--do pose potential conflicts.