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Synonyms for foreknowledge

prior knowledge


  • prior knowledge
  • advance knowledge
  • previous understanding

Synonyms for foreknowledge

knowledge of an event before it occurs

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In the 21st century, "the keys to foreknowledge for military and counterterrorist forces are highly trained data science practitioners.
On the April 4 chemical attack used by the Syrian regime, he stressed "we are still acquiring and continuing to analyze all intelligence related to the question of whether Russian officials had foreknowledge of the Syrian CW attack.
Her lawyer slammed a movie "Patriots Day" for suggesting that Russell had foreknowledge of the bombing carried out by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Since March 2016, the Shi-Lin District Prosecutors Office has been investigating whether senior OBI executives sold shares with foreknowledge of the results of the clinical trial of OBI-822-001.
We've reached the golden years; taking away foreknowledge of them was Prometheus' greatest gift to mankind.
He said, 'That was a completely independent decision that I had no foreknowledge of, no advanced warning of.
But with respect to their foreknowledge, we've never had that hard evidence.
Their topics include two metaphysical perspectives on the duration of the present, temporal predicates and the passage of time, divine events, foreknowledge and fatalism: why divine timelessness does not help, and defending the isotemporalist solution to the freedom/foreknowledge dilemma.
However, even without external objects to process, the foreknowledge of target positions allows participants the endogenous preparation for the task (Ruge et al.
For the family, David Scoffield said: "The inquiries leading to the conclusions would have gone directly to not merely the murderer, but who was involved in planning it, what foreknowledge there was of it, who sanctioned it and their position within the organisation.
It is also plausible that President Benigno Aquino must have had foreknowledge or given discrete consent to fast-tracking the indictment and arrest of the three opposition senators in time for the 4th SONA.
Minqara, who heads the Tawhid Movement, a pro-Assad Islamist group, was detained last year over suspicions that he had foreknowledge of the attacks.
Davis's "From Jigsaw to Phibes: God, Free Will and Foreknowledge in Conflict.
In order for God to choose one state of affairs over another, he has to know what would happen under both circumstances--these are the counterfactuals that simple foreknowledge denies.
Bernecker carefully considers major misconceptions about God's providence, man's responsibility, free will, and the doctrines of predestination, election, perseverance and foreknowledge.