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Synonyms for foreknow

to know in advance

Synonyms for foreknow

realize beforehand

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Anyone who admits, as I do, that God foreknows everything in the future will have to grant me that.
And to foreknow was to will also; at last his own will and the divine will were one.
60) Gregory Palamas similarly declared that God foreknows, creates, and sustains all beings according to his will and knowledge.
Just the opposite, it is because the thing will come to be from its causes that He knows that it is going to be"'26 It is not because God foreknows the future that things happen in the future the way they do, but rather because they happen in the future that God foreknows them.
48) Molina opts for a notion of divine "middle knowledge," whereby God foreknows our actions but in no way determines them.
Indeed, according to this solution, it would be more accurate to say that God simply knows or sees what we are doing, than to say that he foreknows our actions.
It is with a light hand that Gregory sketches this chapter, but he does not avoid the theological issues needed to explicate Milton's artistic choices in creating human figures who are completely free to choose and a God who foreknows but does not predestine.
Most of us think that God foreknows everything; a few among us think that God foreknows all that can be known but not everything (this is the view that in the past decade became known as "open theism.
And Merlin, as if he foreknows that the route to Rome is doomed, advises against it: 'lors apela li rois merlin & li dist biaus dous amis que vous plaist que ie face.