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the quality of being alien or not native

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Yet by firmly planting his feet on the unfinished ground of 1632-3, by founding his play on a contingent site yet to signify securely in the public imagination, Brome raises cogent questions about the kinds of social script soon to play out in this space of potentiality, a space structurally marked by a destabilizing foreignness.
In order to overcome liabilities of foreignness, it is crucial for multinationals to establish legitimacy in the host country (Denk et al.
Further complicating Woolf's ambivalence about England were contradictory ideas about the alternatives, ideas which manifest themselves in the mixed treatment of foreignness in her work.
Our results also show that including local investors in the ownership structure of the project weakens the negative effect of corruption by reducing the liability of foreignness.
Testing present interpretative currents, the first chapter is triggered by the discontents assumed for world literature, namely making foreignness a literary commodity, literature politically virtuous and aesthetically challenging, and untranslatability.
But I was uninterested in having someone in such proximity who would emphasise my own foreignness a predicament that I was already at the age of 9 trying my best to avoid.
Foreignness becomes a complex privilege that removes barriers, while anxieties about disability recede in the presence of people who regard it as a "physical fact.
occupation, on the one hand, and on foreignness, on the other, is rooted
That is, intercultural education might contribute to support a change of perspective that can reduce prejudices, resentments, and unfounded fears of any type of foreignness one may encounter.
This type of foreignness, however, does not diminish the story or its characters.
In particular, he looks at ways in which foreignness is traditionally conceived of as an absolute threat to the unity of self-identical sovereign demos, which must be repelled, conquered, assimilated, naturalized, and neutralized.
Ultimately, Cassin shows how contemporary philosophy opens up the political stakes of rootedness and uprootedness, belonging and foreignness, helping us to reimagine our relations to others in a global and plurilingual world.
Mohammad Saad Al-Hajri stressed on Thursday that civic communities play a crucial role in teaching young generation how to reject violence and extremism and embrace foreignness and tolerance.
Participation in alliances can lead to better international performance because alliances act as a source of new knowledge and resources that SMEs can use in order to develop their international organizational capabilities, which will help them overcome the disadvantages of smallness and foreignness in a specific country (Cegarra-Navarro, 2005; Street & Cameron, 2007).
This month's cover image, which shows the head of Statue A, captures something that feels familiar and almost human in its drama; but the faintly pocked texture and bold details of the bronze hold the sculpture at bay, sustaining its tantalising foreignness.