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the quality of being alien or not native

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More recently, the emphasis was put on the 'socio-political relational' costs, or liability of foreignness (LOF), incurred only by foreign firms operating within a particular host country context (Perez-Batres and Eden 2008; Eden and Miller 2004; Luo et al.
This rejection calls up our own foreignness, which we call forth neither to hound it out of ourselves, nor to integrate it; rather, we call it forth to welcome our disintegrated selves.
Whether through vulnerability or abandon, White's interest seems to lie in getting to what bodies reveal apart from the rationalization of language or the opprobrium of cognition: their desultory baseness and inherent foreignness, even when--or especially when--they are our own.
The area certainly has a sense of foreignness a world away from the cosy familiarity of Northern France or the Spanish Costas, but the image of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man staring eight-limbed from roadside posters and postcard stalls is a reminder that this is arguably the cradle of modern Europe.
The pageant's emphasis on modern Chinese American women also served to educate the broader public about the "progress" of the community, even as the exotic foreignness of the events attracted tourists for Chinatown.
But the Frenchness, the foreignness, of Montreal still comes as a shock.
Dearborn observantly remarks that traditionally, ethnic women's writing has usually been "mediated" by devices such as prefaces, appendices, glossaries, and annotations which "serve to |translate' the foreignness of the ethnic experience for the dominant culture, to guarantee the author's ethnicity, and often, in the last analysis, to make the text more accessible to the reader" (36).
Keywords: Cultural distance * Arm's length exports * Arm's length affiliate sales * Entry mode choice * Liability of foreignness * Benefits of foreignness
In the second section, 15 contributions address such topics as home-based advantages, the effects of regional headquarters, overcoming liabilities of foreignness, factors that motivate foreign location of headquarter activities, selecting state or private joint venture partners in emerging markets, small developing country internationalization, and a network perspective of international entrepreneurship at the foreign market level, among other topics.
This clearly defined artistic concept matches its subject matter: Aladag, born in 1972 in Van in eastern Turkey and now living in Berlin, often focuses on foreignness and self-determination as they are experienced by young people of Turkish origin in Germany today.
China is a geographical location, she says, that also came to designate particular kinds of visual and aesthetic form, as well as a particularly antithetical kind of foreignness.
When a firm expands across national borders, the principal hazard faced by its subunits is the liability of foreignness (Hymer 1960/1976, Mezias 2002, Nachum 2003, Zaheer 1995).
Liabilities of Regional Foreignness and the Use of Firm-Level versus Country-Level Data: A Response to Dunning et al.
The subject matter thus becomes unfamiliar: the display of that which is foreign gains its own kind of foreignness.
Within sections on the causes of diaporic return and ethnic return migration to Europe and East Asia, they consider ethnic return policy in Asia and Europe, the problem with similarity among ethnic return migrants in Spain, Transylvania Hungarian ethnic return migration to Hungary, Peruvian and Brazilian return migrants in Japan, and Korean American homeland trips and cultural foreignness.