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an organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to carry on religious work

a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister

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The increasing prominence of strict fundamentalism caused both British and North American CIM societies to withdraw in 1915 from the continuing committee of the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference, and form their own interagency structure: the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association (p.
The National Baptist Convention since the late nineteenth century has been sending African Americans to the foreign mission field through its Foreign Mission Board, establishing mission efforts in Liberia in 1876, Nigeria in 1887, and South Africa in 1895.
Bernardo Cervellera, a missionary and journalist, worked for many years in Hong Kong and is now with the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Mission (PIFM) in Rome.
It marks the first confirmed attempt by a North Korean to seek asylum at a foreign mission in Pyongyang.
On the first leg of a two-week foreign mission, Davis said he was staying in the U.
Before 1982, the Department had limited legal authority to impose restrictions on a foreign mission, in spite of the sometimes severe restrictions that nations might impose on U.
As the daughter of a missionary, Eunice McKinney, saw the time in Hong Kong as the fulfillment of a lifelong wish to serve in a foreign mission field.
The firm's work is also in Lincoln Center and in many of the city's foreign mission including the Japanese, the Swiss, British, Austrian and others.
I am directed to refer to the captioned subject and to state that the home minister has been pleased to issue policy guidelines that henceforth no officer belonging to the two attached departments falling within his ministerial competence - the Sindh police and Civil Defence - would directly or indirectly contact or respond to any foreign mission or an officer or any institution under their functional domain unless express permission has been sought in advance from the home minister clearly indicating the purpose of such contact or the response as the case may be,' reads the notification.
The operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina was Pavlovsky's third foreign mission.
The foreign mission and consulate based in Pakistan import approximately ten thousand containers every year.
Under the new instructions, the CSB receives the approval of the foreign ministry, and contacts the ministries or the employee's department regarding the offer extended by the embassy or foreign mission.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, any such real estate subject to acquisition by a foreign mission has to meet the following conditions:
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