foreign legion

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a military unit composed of foreign volunteers who serve the state

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Andy Fletcher meets former Foreign Legion recruit Bill Parris.
He spent years travelling the world as a navigating officer before joining the Spanish Foreign Legion, which landed him in prison when he went absent without leave.
The Foreign Legion was established by Royal Ordinance on March 10, 1831, when French king Louis-Philippe gave the organisation his seal of approval.
News has emerged from Stamford Bridge of confusion in the ranks of Roman's Foreign Legion.
STEVEN GERRARD thinks some of the Anfield foreign legion don't know how vital it is for Liverpool to win the title this season - but he vows he will drill it into them every day.
Harthill-born amateur coach Legatte had a successful career at light-welterweight with Broxburn Boxing Club - then joined the French Foreign Legion.
EVERTON play hosts to Chelsea's foreign legion at Goodison next Saturday and we have a pair of tickets up for grabs.
Fenster, our American hero (Adam Finlay), has come to Fort Fromage to join the French Foreign Legion and forget an old romance.
THE case of a French Foreign Legion deserter who stabbed a Good Samaritan to death should be referred to the Parole Commissioners Board, a lawyer argued yesterday.
Two singing vulture puppets, Chirp and Burp, are diligently practicing scales in preparation for their debut between acts of the newest Magnificent Moorpark Melodrama & Vaudeville Company production, ``Fenster of the French Foreign Legion.
Red-faced Foreign Legion squaddies started a huge fire when they blasted ammunition into tinder dry trees near Marseille during a training session.
FREDDIE LJUNGBERG insists Arsenal's foreign legion are pumped up and ready for a north London grudge match with Spurs.
John McMillan believes the Ibrox foreign legion is to blame for this season's Euro flops and he insisted: "They have let their manager down.
The SAS, backed by the French Foreign Legion, is poised to storm in if diplomatic moves fail.
Arsene Wenger yesterday told the growing foreign legion of stars knocking on Highbury's gold-plated door he has no plans to sign any of them.
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