foreign exchange

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the system by which one currency is exchanged for another

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The CBE regulations underlined the need for banks to arrange credit facilitations in foreign exchange with correspondents abroad, to finance letters of credit, and work to increasing their foreign exchange resources.
Macedonia keeps most of its foreign exchange reserves, or 1.
More than 15,000 cases of foreign exchange irregularities were investigated from 2007 to 2011, with 1.
Since 2000, Weissmuller and Sons has came across and recorded immense growth in foreign exchange service and even tripled the number of demands for forex service as more and more traders from around the world are intro foreign exchange trading.
The increase in foreign exchange trading volumes on dbFX is already exceeding our expectations," dbFX head of sales EMEA Catherine Hardiman said.
Mike Shamburg, Director of US Corporate Foreign Exchange, spent five years with First Data Corporation and has eight years experience in FX at the national level with Travelex Commercial Foreign Exchange.
Travelex is the world's largest foreign exchange specialist with over 700 retail branches and 16,000 business customers.
This year, though, not as many families in the Valley are opening their homes to foreign exchange students.
The hot money has allowed South Africa to eliminate the negative foreign exchange position which it had developed during the 1990s when it intervened to stabilize the currency during periods of crisis, such as the transition to democracy during 1994 and the Russian default of 1998.
As a result, the system established after WW II was designed to restore "convertibility," or the ability to trade foreign exchange freely.
monetary authorities intervened in the foreign exchange markets, selling a total of $833 million against the Japanese yen.
Meanwhile, usable foreign exchange holdings rose to 37.
and foreign multinational corporations are taking a proactive stance in managing their foreign exchange exposure.
As new companies are exposed to foreign exchange risk, managers will necessarily be concerned with the development of an effective hedging program.
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