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a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a foreign country for publication or broadcast

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A three-time Walkley Award winner, Lyons previous roles include being the Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, Executive Producer of the Nine Networks Sunday program, a foreign correspondent in Washington, New York and Jerusalem and, currently, Associate Editor (Digital Content) at News Corps The Australian.
Quote: "I still think being a foreign correspondent is the best job there is, because of the sense of witnessing history.
The Sunday Times newspaper has said its foreign correspondent Marie Colvin died in Syria trying to retrieve her shoes so she could escape an army bombardment.
My colleague Solana Larsen offers a provocative suggestion that the end of the foreign correspondent model might be a good thing.
They include Vincent Sheean of the Chicago Tribune, who produced a best seller of his journalistic exploits in Personal History, a lively life that was paraphrased by Hollywood in the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock thriller Foreign Correspondent.
The BBC's world news editor Jon Williams said: "Brian Barron was the quintessential foreign correspondent - suave, impossibly handsome and brave.
However, as the show progressed, he found himself in the shadow of several BBC News heavyweights, including senior foreign correspondent David Bradburn, his production team, and Margaret Hollis from the World Service.
Publications such as ClimateWire, Food Chemical News, and Bloomberg News offer more specialized and detailed information to smaller elite audiences often built around narrowly targeted financial, lobbying, and political interests, write Tyler Marshall, a former Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent, and the editors at Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.
LEGENDARY foreign correspondent Sir Charles Wheeler has died at 85 from cancer.
That last is the lot of Herbert Matthews, whose insistence on following his heart led him down a lonely trail from distinguished New York Times foreign correspondent to journalism pariah to forgotten exile halfway around the world.
It's quite disrespectful," Shraiber told a foreign correspondent for The Baltimore Sun.
Joshua Hammer is an award-winning author and foreign correspondent.
As a Cardiff schoolboy, Jeremy Bowen dreamed of visiting far-flung places as a foreign correspondent.
The Guardian foreign correspondent was released unharmed after being kidnapped by an armed gang on Wednesday while on assignment in the city.
Janine Di Giovanni, the senior foreign correspondent for the London Times, takes the reader through this tragic land during the height of the struggles.
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