foreign correspondent

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a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a foreign country for publication or broadcast

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That's why every Soviet foreign correspondent maintains a stable of people who can give a positive interview at any moment, day or night.
As a foreign correspondent, she reported on the military-but also on sexuality and the family.
That it takes sides is disturbing; Cy Sulzberger's many years as foreign correspondent and columnist for The New York Times should have produced a better balanced book, one less dependent on its subject's own writings and public statements.
Unibanco agreed to sell its rights to all dollar-denominated payment orders remitted to it by certain foreign correspondent banks.
John Gunther, who started as a foreign correspondent, is also featured, though his foreign beat reporting disappeared as his fame grew through his series of "Inside" books covering the globe and its leaders.
National treasure: Martin Jarvis plays foreign correspondent David Bradburn.
And, foreign was a And, if anything, I'm more foreign than she is because I was a foreign correspondent at the time.
However, just after removing Mohyeldin, the network decided to send its chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, into Gaza.
He started to work as a foreign correspondent for Swedish Radio in 2001, and mainly covered Asia and the Middle East.
JP Morgan is reviewing its dealings with thousands of foreign correspondent banks for which it processes transactions and clears dollar payments, the sources said.
Career: Became a respected foreign correspondent, reporting from 53 countries, including a four-year stint in South Africa.
BBC foreign correspondent Lyse Doucet called Marie "the bravest of the brave and the kindest of the kind".
Summary: Foreign correspondent Marie Colvin died in Syria trying to retrieve her shoes so she could escape a bomb attack in Homs.
LEGENDARY foreign correspondent Sir Charles Wheeler has died at 85 from cancer.
That last is the lot of Herbert Matthews, whose insistence on following his heart led him down a lonely trail from distinguished New York Times foreign correspondent to journalism pariah to forgotten exile halfway around the world.
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