foreign bill

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a bill of exchange that is drawn in one country and made payable in another

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Foreigners should also make a declaration when the aggregate value of all foreign bills in the form of currency notes, financial instruments, travellers' cheques is equal to or exceeds $10,000, the notice added.
From its new headquarters, ZO succeeded in enlisting 26 senators, many with strong influence on foreign bills, to send a telegram, urging wavering nations to support the partition plan.
Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust has four unpaid foreign bills totalling pounds 8,830.
He fails, for example, to take into account differences in the turnover time between inland and foreign bills and therefore seriously over-estimates the relative importance of external trade in the development of English banking.
The other day an e-mail that arrived at David's Assembly office began as follows: ``My name is Prince Gumsu Fadigha, the manager credit and foreign bills of African Devel-opment Bank regional branch in Senegal.
I'm talking about all the variety of leftover foreign bills Sailors accumulate after a cruise.
Loot on display Tuesday included a pellet gun, keys, pictures, foreign bills and coins, a silver turkey tray, watches, a cellular phone, jewelry, a video camera and computer chips.
Because it works on virtually every currency in the world, as well as official documents, the SmartView desktop detector is particularly useful to banks, hotels, airlines, restaurants, and other businesses that frequently handle foreign bills.
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