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a spy for a foreign country

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The move is in retaliation for the US justice department ordering the Russian channels RT and Sputnik to register as foreign agents there.
Russia has declared nine US media outlets, including Voice of America and Radio Liberty, to be foreign agents, BBC reported.
Izvestiya mentioned the concerns of the law's opponents with the term foreign agent being a synonym of spy (July 4) and "sounding rough for a Russian ear" (July 3a).
In addition to the gift ban in the Congress applicable to lobbyists, lobbying organizations and foreign agents, the gift rules of both the House and the Senate have other specific prohibitions for gifts from registered lobbyists and foreign agents.
The foreign agent will be notified to appear at the Saudi embassy to have the visa issued in the applicant's passport.
Hezbollah, and the remaining constituents of the "environment that embraces the Resistance" are demanding that the toughest sentences be issued for foreign agents, and the death sentence for some of them, as they consider that lenient verdicts have led to encouraging these people to be foreign agents and may encourage others, and they do not care about the comfort and luxury of those who may have caused casualties in the ranks of the Resistance and provided the enemy with information that helped it target its infrastructure.
The indictment filed in a Haifa court charges Ameer Makhoul with "assistance to an enemy in time of war," and "aggravated espionage" as well as "contact with a foreign agent.
INDIAN authors writing in English, especially the newly minted ones, wear the fact that they have been accepted by a foreign agent as a badge of honour.
The author examines how a diplomat named Isaiah Kenen obtained an exception to foreign agent status for Israel, resulting in a series of deceptions that allowed his network to smuggle military hardware and nuclear arms under the noses of the FBI, Department of State and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Pakistan's disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan has called former President Pervez Musharraf a ''mean, treacherous, foreign agent in an article he penned that appeared in a local newspaper Wednesday.
Congress has enacted post-government employment restrictions and foreign agent registration requirements with the objectives of protecting the U.
government as a foreign agent since they represent something that is foreign to most patriotic and freedom-loving Americans.
The legislation also requires evidence that a suspect is a spy or foreign agent before the government may search business records, such as library and bookstore records.
Cheil Jedang Corporation (Korea) has patented a novel endonuclease enzyme which is secreted from immune cell and recognizes bacterial DNA as foreign agent and processes it to produce about 10 bp single-stranded oligonucleotide including CpG motif which is involved in immune response.
Not a foreign agent anymore, but anyone who was foreign or anyone involved in any organized criminal activity--mob-related activity, drug-related activity, or some involvement with a foreign country.
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