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Synonyms for forehanded

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

Synonyms for forehanded

(of racket strokes) made with palm facing direction of stroke


having provided for the future

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Marty's (2011) work tells about a logging framework and guidelines that provide a forehanded approach to logging to ensure that the data needed for forensic investigations has been generated and collected.
We think our zero-risk/zero-return Cystay away' strategy is as forehanded as ever.
Many of Somdev's forehanded returns left Jones gawping.
Immunity from federal regulation is not gained through forehanded contracts.
William, mindful of the free Dutch press, was inclined to be liberal, but some of his aides argued that it was as much the duty of the state to be forehanded in restraining the perpetuation of libels as other crimes.