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(sports) a return made with the palm of the hand facing the direction of the stroke (as in tennis or badminton or squash)

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2003) Role of knee flexion and extension for rotating the trunk in a tennis forehand stroke.
In tennis match play, competitors must ensure their forehand stroke accommodates to diverse conditions including variations in the speed, spin and bounce of the incoming ball, as well as different target areas and amounts of psychological pressure.
The extent to which this can be consciously controlled is unknown; however, Knudson and White (1989) have shown that grip forces vary considerably on regions of the hand and throughout the forehand stroke, with gripping forces increasing in the 50 ms prior to impact.
The extension of this case study in to more thorough investigation of appropriate sample size and to a broader cross-section of ages would undoubtedly prove helpful to coaches in developing the forehand stroke.
In the opinion of the authors, it also highlights a paradox of sorts, where the emphasis placed on the role of the wrist in teaching the forehand stroke seems inconsistent with the attention it has been afforded (as compared to internal rotation and trunk rotation) in the tennis biomechanics literature.
The follow-through is an important but poorly investigated part of the forehand stroke.
More specifically, prospective or longitudinal insights in to the inter-relationships of different teaching methodologies, equipment scaling and forehand mechanics would meaningfully add to the existing evidence base and advance the instruction of the forehand stroke.
Despite high interest in the theory of racquet speed creation among tennis coaches and the high importance of the forehand stroke as a performance limiting factor in the game, to our knowledge, there is no study comparing proximal-to-distal sequencing patterns of the forehand with respect to elite vs.
For instance, some players make less use of shoulder internal rotation, thereby, making it absolutely necessary to force perfect trunk rotation in their forehand stroke.
To derive representative and accurate kinematics of the recorded forehand strokes, the six fastest cross court and down the line shots that landed in the target area were chosen for analysis.
The 27-year-old American, who had last won a Masters event in 2006, then grabbed the momentum when he broke Berdych s first serve of the second set with some blistering forehand strokes.
Players can continuously practice backhand or forehand strokes without a partner.
The reigning champion's powerful serve and accurate forehand strokes proved too much for his opponent who was shown no mercy and beaten in straight sets 6-0, 6-0 in the men's open singles.
Though the scoreline was quite straight forward, the loser did impress with her good service and potent forehand strokes.