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(sports) a return made with the palm of the hand facing the direction of the stroke (as in tennis or badminton or squash)

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2001) Torque acting on the pelvis about its superior-inferior axis through the hip joints during a tennis forehand stroke.
Across all forms of competitive play, including professional tennis, backhand strokes are less frequently played than forehand strokes (Johnson et al.
Elliott, 1988; Kovacs and Ellenbecker, 2011), the literature describing forehand stroke production has not been critiqued through a similar lens.
In tennis match play, competitors must ensure their forehand stroke accommodates to diverse conditions including variations in the speed, spin and bounce of the incoming ball, as well as different target areas and amounts of psychological pressure.
In a kinematic study on the tennis forehand stroke, the maximum internal rotation velocity was found to occur quite late in the forward swing phase (Takahashi et al.
Despite high interest in the theory of racquet speed creation among tennis coaches and the high importance of the forehand stroke as a performance limiting factor in the game, to our knowledge, there is no study comparing proximal-to-distal sequencing patterns of the forehand with respect to elite vs.
Typically, advanced players hit forehand strokes with steeper racquet trajectories at impact than do novice and intermediate players, because a flatter trajectory decreases ball TAV and margin for error (Blackwell and Knudson, 2005; Groppel et al.
Earned points were totaled for all 50 forehand strokes, as well as for the 25 cross-court and 25 down-the-line strokes.
Sanil tested Ma Liang with his powerful forehand strokes.
While Murray's endeavour and spirit could not be questioned, too many of his forehand strokes found the net at crucial times.
Seppi, who has 5-40 win-loss record against top-10 players, produced some superb forehand strokes and earned revenge against Federer.
A compromise was reached, whereby riders were given the latitude to use up to seven forehand strokes consecutively if in contention, and both sides were satisfied with the outcome.
The 27-year-old American, who had last won a Masters event in 2006, then grabbed the momentum when he broke Berdych s first serve of the second set with some blistering forehand strokes.
The reigning champion's powerful serve and accurate forehand strokes proved too much for his opponent who was shown no mercy and beaten in straight sets 6-0, 6-0 in the men's open singles.
Though the scoreline was quite straight forward, the loser did impress with her good service and potent forehand strokes.