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Synonyms for foreground

Synonyms for foreground

the part of a scene that is near the viewer

(computer science) a window for an active application

move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent

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However, the way in which it foregrounded its mechanisms of aura production and glamorization can still be seen as exemplary.
It is easy to see how this concept is employed in the visual arts and, by analogy, how the notion of a figure equates to the linguistically foregrounded elements of texts.
Portrait of Savannah, 1991, foregrounded the visceral quality of its materials.
Featuring 24 of Jon Serl's paintings from the past thirty years, this retrospective foregrounded the artist's range of pictorial languages that resonates uncannily with familiar Modernist modes--Symbolist mystery, Surrealist fantasy, Expressive distortion, primitivist figuration, and poetic abstraction.
The visual stream of consciousness is, like the space it inhabits, impenetrable: a man's nude body, nearly always decapitated by the frame, women's faces, nearly always without bodies, a few hands, eyes, locks of hair, an emblematic bird, fragments of landscapes and cityscapes, all of which are alternately backgrounded and foregrounded with a variety of drapes, panels, and other surfaces that serve at once to reflect the light and deflect the viewer's eye.
The elements foregrounded by Marcaccio are ones basic to any materialist analysis of painting conventions: the wall, the stretcher, the canvas, and the brushstroke.
Not simply a feminist assault on Minimalism, Altus foregrounded the space between touch and the less tangible forms of sensory experience.
With critical reference to this subtext, Kelly and McCarthy foregrounded the repressed narrative of sexuality, incest, and sodomy in this child's tale.