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  • verb

Synonyms for forego

be earlier in time

do without or cease to hold or adhere to

lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime

References in classic literature ?
You shamed the Sheriff e'en as I had hoped to do; and we can forego the golden arrow since it is in such fair hands.
New York would neither be willing nor able to forego this advantage.
Happily Van Helsing has not summoned me, so I need not forego my sleep.
He wanted the slit, which permitted only one of us to peep through; and so I had to forego watching them for a time while he enjoyed that privilege.
It is difficult for my heart to express itself; still more difficult for it to forego self- expression.
And what claims has Lydia-- what attraction has she beyond youth, health, and good humour that could make him, for her sake, forego every chance of benefiting himself by marrying well?
But the little bride, simple as she was, had a woman's love of jewels, and could not forego the hope of possessing the very brightest in the world, in spite of the perils with which it must be won.
It may hereafter be in my power, or in yours(I hope it will), to procure him better preferment; but it must not be forgotten that no benefit of that sort would have been beyond his natural claims on us, and that nothing can, in fact, be an equivalent for the certain advantage which he is now obliged to forego through the urgency of your debts.
My principal has sent me merely to ask you to forego your intentions of last evening.
Bradbury, and it was tantalizing to him to be checked in his scientific researches, and obliged to forego his usual rambles on shore; but they were now entering the fated country of the Sioux Tetons, in which it was dangerous to wander about unguarded.
In a night such as is this to me, a man lives - lives a whole century of ordinary life - nor would I forego this rapturous delight for that of a whole century of ordinary existence.