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Never mind all that," snarled the foregathered Young Farmers (average age 68), "we're taakin' aboot his right as a Freeman tae graze two milch coos on the Town Moor.
Elaine foregathered with a few of Erica's co-workers in her poster-filled office overlooking lower Fifth Avenue.
When we foregathered with a group of editors on a cold April night in McLean, Va.
We are foregathered here to preserve our hallowed culture'n heritage
such people foregathered, in a cosy little country a long way from
According to her friend Frona Eunice Wait Colburn, by the late 1870s and early 1880s White had turned her home into "a social center," a type of San Francisco salon where "the brainy set foregathered, and did much to make the brilliant record achieved by the mining and railroad millionaires.
The gremlins foregathered and everything that could go wrong did go wrong.
She merely turns toward the foregathered townsfolk and "bowing in all directions," as the stage directions state, says "Thank you, thank you, good people, for your good offices" This line is also in Ostrovsky, but he follows it up with Tikhon lamenting his loss over Kata's prostrate body.
Something inchoate and magical seemed afoot in those proceedings, serious without being pompous, and we learned from the very air as we foregathered under the stony gazes of Zeus and his frozen cronies.
So there we all are, sheepishly foregathered in a large tent (having found our way through the uncharted, boggy grounds of Aston Hall), waiting for something to happen; we are harangued by a half-hearted demonstration preaching love and tolerance by means of abusing the listener, before we are given our instructions by a menacing orderly.
Not too surprisingly, the Concerned Journalists foregathered in New York rejected this contention.