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Synonyms for forefront

Synonyms for forefront

the part in the front or nearest the viewer


the position of greatest importance or advancement

References in classic literature ?
Yes, at last they were forced to flee, and after them came the Swazis, and in the forefront of the pursuit was their chief, ringed round with a circle of his bravest.
I cannot do so: I know nothing save to fight bravely in the forefront of the Trojan host and win renown alike for my father and myself.
Sir Christopher Tomling has been ravished from the Argentine, where, after all, he was but preparing trade-routes for hostile peoples, and now adorns the forefront of Penfentenyou's Advisory Board.
At the forefront of the column staggered two naked savages fastened to each other by a neck chain.
The ground was wet, the rocks dripping, the grass and ever-greens sparkling with beads of moisture; yet the camp was loud with laughter and merriment, for a messenger had ridden in from the prince with words of heart-stirring praise for what they had done, and with orders that they should still abide in the forefront of the army.
In war and in dread strife no man of the heroes dared to face him and to approach and fight with him when he appeared in the forefront.
In the forefront gleamed, like the white plumes of Navarre, the light flannel suit of Arthur Mifflin, the woodenest juvenile in captivity.
In their forefront stood a huge young warrior in the full arrogance of his might and his youth.
Frankly, it's fun along the forefronts of science, intellectually and journalistically.
Following science where the scientists themselves get information keeps us at the forefront.
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