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Synonyms for forefront

Synonyms for forefront

the part in the front or nearest the viewer


the position of greatest importance or advancement

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Daylight, with still in the forefront of his consciousness all that had occurred in the preceding hour, was deeply impressed by the scene at the moment of departure.
Running at the forefront of the pack was a large grey wolf--one of its several leaders.
nations are in the forefront of civilization and power.
The ground was wet, the rocks dripping, the grass and ever-greens sparkling with beads of moisture; yet the camp was loud with laughter and merriment, for a messenger had ridden in from the prince with words of heart-stirring praise for what they had done, and with orders that they should still abide in the forefront of the army.
Bacon was the great man whose "true imagination"* set it on foot, and although many years have passed since then, the Royal Society still keeps its place in the forefront of Science.
In war and in dread strife no man of the heroes dared to face him and to approach and fight with him when he appeared in the forefront.
She stood in the forefront of all women for him, just as Captain Anthony stood in the forefront of all men.
In their forefront stood a huge young warrior in the full arrogance of his might and his youth.
One had simply to be without stain and without reproach to keep one's place in the forefront of life.
A hard blow hit the side of the ship: water fell above with a stunning shock, and in the forefront of the gloom, where the air was reddish and thick, Jukes saw a head bang the deck violently, two thick calves waving on high, muscular arms twined round a naked body, a yellow-face, open-mouthed and with a set wild stare, look up and slide away.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Donors Forum has changed its name to Forefront, effective immediately.
The engineering services group that supports British infrastructure, Leeds- based Renew, has bought Forefront Group Ltd for a cash consideration of Au14.
a leading developer of advanced pattern recognition and analytics technologies, today announced a partnership with Forefront Technologies , the preeminent distributor of document imaging hardware and storage systems and solutions in the Middle East and Africa.
ForeFront clients, including High Tech and Life Sciences companies, run their businesses the way they need to and ForeFront enables them to respond with agility to the rapid consumerization of IT.
com)-- Forefront Law Group has advised investment manager client Trident Advantage Group on the formation of new investment fund named Trident Advantage Fund LP.