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a front foot of a quadruped

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I noted the gurgling forefoot was very like a snore, and as I listened to it the effect of Wolf Larsen's swift rush from sublime exultation to despair slowly left me.
They have an updated 4D advanced chassis, which enables more forefoot flexion, an outsole with High Traction Contagrip and a redesigned cuff for increased comfort and fit.
Tony Hardman, the designer of both the PG1 and PG2, took away the strap that provides added lockdown on the forefoot and switched it with what he calls 'dynamic wings.
However, for a more specific treatment plan it would be advantageous to understand the possible abnormalities and pathomechanics of the forefoot and rearfoot (calcaneus).
There's hard rubber in the outsole's heel, and sticky rubber in the forefoot for enhanced traction.
The static pedobarographic evaluation revealed significantly higher values in terms of forefoot peak pressure, total plantar force and total contact area in subject without RUGARN plantar, compared to subjects with RUGARN plantar.
21 MORNING: Look for lst-magnitude Regulus, the forefoot of Leo, less than 2[degrees] above the last-quarter Moon.
This design guides a smoother toe-off and overall ride, with durability and traction infused into the heel and forefoot.
For subsequent analysis of plantar pressures, the foot was divided into six anatomic areas: total foot, hindfoot, midfoot, forefoot, first ray, and first metatarsal head (MTP).
Presence of ulcer No ulcer Forefoot ulcer [right arrow] 0 [right arrow] 2 2.
The twenty-eight contributions that make up the main body of the text have been organized in six sections devoted to tendons and ligaments, fascial structures, arthrodesis, arthroscopy, forefoot deformity, and trauma-related surgeries.
Also, the key abrasion areas in the heel and forefoot are equipped with minimal high abrasion outsole rubber, which protects the shoes from heavy wear and tear.
When these two effects are combined, the main impact is that force, effected by walking, is concentrated on the anaesthetic forefoot.