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a front foot of a quadruped

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A temporary easement of the Arangi's rolling gave him his opportunity, so that his forefeet were over the high combing of the companion when the next big roll came.
And Michael's jaw dropped down, his throat vibrated, his forefeet made restless little movements as if in the body he were running, as truly he was running in the mind, back to Steward, back through all the ages to the lost pack, and with the shadowy lost pack itself across the snowy wastes and through the forest aisles in the hunt of the meat.
Michael's jaw dropped and his forefeet began their restless lifting after several measures had been played.
The horse rears and strikes the air with its forefeet.
Forefeet often contain some of the first joints to be affected and those with the condition often say that they feel like they are "walking on marbles".
If your dog lifts a forefoot or both forefeet off the ground, release a treat.