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sentenced to terrible, irrevocable punishment

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Is his Middle Eastern gambit, like his Ukrainian intervention, a flailing, foredoomed to regain ground that Russia has lost of late?
The fight against consequences, if reasons are not removed, is a foredoomed one.
The pursuit of perfection is usually foredoomed, but the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, which has a latitudinarian understanding of ethical behavior, has a perfectly awful idea.
Foredoomed by Kyra, sold by warlords to the Taliban, attacked by anti-Taliban villagers, Jeo dies, and Mikal is taken into US custody.
Lewellyn explique, dans une note que je ne reproduis pas ici, qu'il faut entendre par foredoomed ces affaires, 70 % de celles entendues en appel, ou un jugement est rendu without opinion, apparemment parce qu'il se passe d'explication (ibid a la p 25, n 16).
Kerry's foredoomed quest for a final peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians is magnificent too, in its own peculiar way, but it's not diplomacy.
The film portrayal of Balin seems slightly old for someone who, as future King of the foredoomed Moria revival, has a political future ahead of him.
Jim's longing for a fugitive aural presence, one riddled with aporias or "gaps," compels ecriture as a foredoomed attempt at the recovery of some elusive "meaning.
129); it is his recognition of the supremacy of the Will which elevates him "to the tragic plane"--albeit foredoomed by his lack of humanity.
Once this foredoomed move toward Palestinian membership in the UN runs its course, a new paradigm will take root, one that Israel dreads because it implicitly views Palestinians and Israelis as equals, as co-citizens, as partners.
The sole remaining mention of sparagmos or reductivity in the context of satire is an outlier, a vestigial passage outlining "the four mythoi" in the midst of the "Mythos of Summer: Romance": "Sparagmos, or the sense that heroism and effective action are absent, disorganized or foredoomed to defeat, is the archetypal theme of irony and satire" (AC 192).
The attempt to ascertain a mathematical scale of progression, so as to avoid a charge of arbitrariness, is foredoomed to failure.
foredoomed it, sooner or later, to his undying enmity: it is, in deed, the epitome of everything that a classical film cannot conceivably be.
Gordon Hayes suggested that Scott had been foredoomed to failure by his own high-strung, gloomy temperament, and he strongly implied that such a man could not possibly be considered a hero.