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Synonyms for foredoom

to predestine to a tragic end


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doom beforehand

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The Supreme Court's decision in Ortiz therefore seems to foredoom any use of Rule 23 to resolve futures claims in mass torts injury cases.
The upshot is that mismanagement of the pre-merger phase can foredoom a deal.
The language and verse style of these opening lines foredoom Tennyson's imagined Britain to conquest and oblivion from the instant of its invention.
I have yet to be convinced that population growth rates foredoom us to ecological catastrophes and that our environmental dislocations are due exclusively or overwhelmingly to self-indulgent shoppers.
The inescapable conclusion of all this is that a clear sexual consciousness and a natural regulation of sexual life [that is, abandonment of biblical restraints on sexual self-indulgence] must foredoom every form of mystical religion.
The very next panel outlines the Spartan eugenics programme that foredooms Ephialtes' ambitions: 'We are born.
The owner of rotten tenement houses, whose "pull" enables him to ignore the orders of the health department, foredooms babies, it is true, but for all that he is no Herod.