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the deck between the bridge and the forecastle

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Caption: Crewmembers cluster on the foredeck of the USS Miami.
The topside deck, fantail, foredeck and main salon below provide space for small gatherings or meetings: that is.
Russell performed from the foredeck of the Dutch tall ship Mercedes, which is acting as a VIP hospitality suite, moored in Canning Dock.
At least some of the freight was in containers stacked on the foredeck.
designed primarily for multi-purpose accommodation spaces with low freeboard and little or no foredeck or cockpit.
More clambering about, weapons being passed around; then, with much banging on deck, two rocket launchers and a bag of rocket-propelled grenades are taken from the skiffs up to Lynn Rival's foredeck.
Throughout the night SS Shinai, berthed at Pending, her captain dead drunk on the foredeck with his mutinous lascar crew hiding in the nearby rubber gardens, was blasting off SOS signals on the ship's siren.
As the sunset behind Taveuni, another island in the northern chain, we were plied with champagne and sashimi before a ridiculously romantic vista from the vessel''s foredeck.
Stuart was coiling the springer rope on the foredeck and everyone had had breakfast and seasickness pills--except Alison, who was proving to have the best sea-stomach of us all.
On the carpeted foredeck is a pedestal insert to relocate one of the three standard pedestal fishing chairs, and there's room for flush-mounted electronics and a trolling motor.
An upgraded deck layout includes integrated aft seating, large foredeck with oversized anchor locker, and lockable bow storage that can handle 9-foot rods.
He grabs a tyre that looks like a giant doughnut wrapped in blue plastic and throws it with others on to the foredeck of his vessel, noting that of late to stay afloat, the ship's manifest carries less glamorous goods.
The bridge seats 12 and the foredeck has room for six chaise lounges.
lt;p>The Master Stateroom, as the main sleeping area is called, boasts a King-size 6'6" x 5'7" double bed, large hatch with flyscreen and concealed blinds to foredeck.