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the outer or front court of a building or of a group of buildings

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Forecourts are one of the industry's most regulated areas, and the show will provide up-to-date advice on keeping up with food retailing rules and health and safety regulations.
Biofuels remain a controversial subject--same green campaigners insist growing food crops to power cars is an inefficient use of the world's resources--and only a handful of forecourts in the UK supply biofuel.
com/reports/c26577) has announced the addition of Forecourt Trader - The Journal to their offering
There was huge movement in the forecourt market from traditional operators as well as convenience operators, who see forecourts as a great opportunity for development," he said.
Rapleys said it would be seeking both existing forecourts and sites ripe for redevelopment.
Snack and confectionery group Glisten has forecourts in its sights following the acquisitions of nut supplier Dormen Foods and a 50% stake in low-calorie sweet maker Skinny Candy.
Glasgow City Council's licensing board is to ban all forecourts in the city from selling alcohol--prompting fears other councils across Scotland could follow suit.
Fewer than one in four car owners said that they did not buy anything but petrol from garage forecourts.
The warning comes as Murphy Oil, which owns Murco in the UK, and Total UK look to offload their UK retail operations, with a combined 1,200 forecourts up for sale.
Brulines chief executive James Dickson said the addition of LBI meant the group's forecourts division could now operate as a one-stop shop for customers.
RISING TO THE CHALLENGE: Mohsin Issa of Euro Garages and Mike Kavanagh of Greggs get ready to launch Greggs' expansion on to petrol station forecourts
Petrol forecourts closed at the rate of 11 a week during 2005, research from the Energy Institute, (EI), found.
Texaco will continue to supply the fuel to the forecourts, which
MOTORISTS in Coventry who drive off from garage forecourts without paying for petrol will not be able to fill up anywhere else in the city until they have stumped up the cash.