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It would bring added competition to local petrol stations with Asda often boasting the lowest forecourt prices in many areas of the UK.
In these circumstances, a well- located petrol forecourt with a good convenience store can be the perfect site for an ATM.
From this date, a charged forecourt area will be implemented, in an attempt to tackle local congestion and safety concerns.
The BJP has not yet formally conveyed to Rashtrapati Bhavan whether it wants the ceremony to be held on the forecourt or inside the Durbar Hall, but reports have suggested that the party wants Modi to be sworn in before a large gathering of thousands.
The garages will then be on the lookout for any vehicles of a similar description arriving at their forecourt.
A HGV basically hit the canopy above the forecourt.
More than PS50,000 worth of fuel was stolen from one petrol station forecourt in Caerphilly alone while, in another theft, more than PS30,000 of fuel was taken from a Newport garage.
The 44-year-old is believed to have been in collision with another vehicle on the forecourt of Sainsbury's in Freeth Street at 9.
Stores discounter, 175 29 3,900 31 267,000 69%/31%, none 11 Snax 24 forecourt,100%, 77 -5 187 -24 223,262 none * 12 Berr Bros & Rudd 4 0 213 -39 215,772 winemerchant,100%, none * 13 MRH Retail forecourt, 318 6 120 2 192,200 62%/38%, Spar/BP Connect 14 Park Garage Grou forecourt, 90 0 663 3 172.
IT looks like a scrapyard but it's the forecourt of a garage - just after it was wrecked by a tractor.
Shell Namibia this week hosted a two-day safety campaign which was aimed at educating the public about the dangers they can encounter while on the forecourt which included the use of cellphones and smoking on the forecourt.
A FORECOURT operator chaired by former Asda boss Andy Bond today said it was eyeing up further acquisitions as it posted a surge in profits and sales.
The Teesside firm also said "significant progress" had been made in its expansion in the fuel forecourt monitoring sector - a key part of its growth strategy.
BAKERY chain Greggs revealed its first move onto the petrol forecourt yesterday, as it continues to target locations away from the high street.
The number of forecourt sites fell by 111 to 8,721 in 2007, compared with falls of 382 in 2006 and 587 in 2005, statistics from the Energy Institute revealed.