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Bank of America and Bancorp, acting as proxies for the special servicer CW Capital, which itself has begun proceedings to foreclose on the property, charge in their lawsuit that Pershing and Winthrop must pay down the property's over $3 billion in senior debt in order to take control according to an inter-creditor agreement that dictates the actions the property's legion of lenders can take.
First Southern also wants to foreclose on the property that secured the loan, which is at 10809 Kanis Road in Little Rock.
An effective strategy for caring and responsible adults whose infants are predisposed to fearfulness and who wish to foreclose the possibility of such children (Kagan, Resnick & Snidman, 1988) learning chronic withdrawal, is to reward them for accepting challenge and permitting adjustment and desensitization to mild fear (Kagan, 1994).
The law would require lenders to determine if it would cost less to modify a loan rather than foreclose, and to tell borrowers of their right to ask for changes to their loans.
Fannie Mae--the initiator of the most foreclosure proceedings in the state by far--last month said it wouldn't foreclose on homes for loan modifications.
Shaw claims they have a lien and want to foreclose on it and become the owner of it.
the lender must resort to this Code to foreclose upon that collateral.
Lenders are slower to foreclose when housing prices are in the dumps, and they calculate they will have to hold the properties for longer.
Petitions to foreclose rose 27 percent statewide in February, to 2,835, but were down 11.
We try very hard not to foreclose on the property,'' he said.
As a result, about 40 percent of the income stream, which should have been derived from these apartments, so many attempts without success, HUD decided to foreclose on the property and set a date for an auction, which would ultimately leave 420 shareholders and their families without any recourse.
The developer's latest move forestalls the LAUSD's attempt to foreclose and allows a federal bankruptcy judge to drag out the process while the warring factions continue to dicker.
Macklowe has already acquired the first mortgage and promissory note obligation of $70 million on the 529,000 square-foot 342 Madison, and intends to foreclose.