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someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)

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A WHITE Christmas is off the cards, according to forecasters at the Met Office.
The chief forecaster added: "Many places within the warning area will see 25-50mm of rain, with around 100mm possible over higher ground.
Forecasters said they expect this weekend to be fair and partly cloudy in Dubai with light to moderate winds in general, which is just right for people heading out for getting their daily dose of exercise.
Forecaster NOW provides users with on-demand forecasts of select power markets with hourly resolution to seven days.
To date, forecaster decision-making processes have been examined using a variety of qualitative methods.
We also examine the median of the external forecasters and a weighted average, where external forecasts are combined with weights based on each forecaster's historical errors.
The most accurate forecaster is the one whose forecast probability distributions get closest to the dis-tribution of actual outturns over time.
We construct a Taylor rule for each forecaster, using each individual's SPF projections as inputs.
There will be outbreaks of rain throughout Sunday, but it won't be too heavy," said the forecaster.
THE freezing cold winds blasting Britain will die out this week but could return, forecasters said yesterday.
Key words: fuzzy logic system, global forecaster, generalized orthogonality principle, caothic systems
Billy Payne, forecaster with MeteoGroup said the rain risk from last night's heavy showers might result in some flash flooding with the risk of lightning strikes.
Andy Radcliffe, forecaster with MeteoGroup, said: "It looks like the cold weather's going to stay for the rest of the week.
Forecaster Andy Ratcliffe said: "There will be a lot of ice around, which is likely to be a problem if you're driving anywhere.