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Wake-promoting and sleep-suppressing actions of hypocretin (orexin): basal forebrain sites of action.
Light experience during development affects asymmetry of forebrain function in chickens.
Healthy emotion, reasoning, and goal exploration are dependent on frontal lobe connections with the limbic system, with the basal ganglia and forebrain, with other cortical areas, and reciprocal connections within itself.
Anencephaly is generally defined as the congenital absence of skull, scalp and forebrain (cerebral hemispheres).
In the earlier stage, Kuen-Jer Tsai's team had transgenically overexpressed TDP-43 in the forebrain of a mouse, successfully development an animal model existing phenotypic characteristics mimicking of FTLD.
The iPS cell technology used to create a variety of adult human cell types, including insulin-producing beta cells and forebrain and motor neurons.
Research has been exploding that suggests animals, without language or a fancy human forebrain, have ways of dealing with what humans consider abstract concepts, Wasserman says.
Another target that produced notable results is the medial forebrain bundle, which led to good DBS results in seven patients treated by the same German team.
Eight studies from a 2011 conference of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease examine such topics as deep brain stimulation for movement and other neurological disorders, transcranial magnetic stimulation on the modulation of gamma oscillations in schizophrenia, increasing the validity of experimental models for depression, moving towards a generalizable application of central thelamic deep brain stimulation to support the regulation of forebrain arousal in the severely injured brain, and the ethics of research on deep brain stimulation for depression: decisional capacity and therapeutic misconception.
The researchers focused on regions like the brain stem because its sub regions, such as the medullary and dorsal raphe, are implicated in thermal regulation, while forebrain regions, such as the insula, have been implicated in the personal perception of how someone feels.
Newborn mice exhibited widespread neuronal loss in forebrain structures - confirming previous research - with no significant impact on the dentate gyrus.
Anderson and study co-leader Lorenz Studer of the Center for Stem Cell Biology at Sloan-Kettering derived interneurons in a laboratory model that simulates how neurons normally develop in the human forebrain.
Nucleus accumbens: A nucleus located in the forebrain that plays an important role in reward, pleasure, addiction, and fear; primarily contains neurons that secrete the inhibitory neurotransmitter 7-aminobutyric acid (GABA).
Exposure of the TG fish to estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) induced specific expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) in a wide variety of tissues including the liver, heart, skeletal muscle, otic vesicle, forebrain, lateral line, and ganglions, most of which have not been established previously as targets for estrogens in fish.