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parallel with the keel of a boat or ship

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If you already have a set of four Mach series columns, all you need is one kit to transform your setup from a four-post mobile column lift to a two-post fore-and-aft lift.
While not entirely successful, this system of fore-and-aft wires was used on U.
The CERV features a dynamically adjustable headset that moves both fore-and-aft and up-and-down.
The aircraft's main gear screeched across the platform as the hooks mounted on the spreader bars scraped into the fore-and-aft wires.
The cart was positioned on the elevator facing fore-and-aft with the aft side chained down to the elevator.
In "Rigging: Period Fore-and-Aft Craft", author and professional illustrator Lennarth Pettersson draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a model maker an draughtsman in the study of eighteenth-century rigs and rigging, to provide readers with a visual compendium concerning ever aspect and facet of a ship's rigging.
The 60/40 split second row offers five inches of fore-and-aft slide travel and a reclining backrest.
The 60/40 split second row offers five-inches of fore-and-aft slide travel and a reclining backrest.
In the cockpit, the L-shaped seating area includes a SunChaiser(TM) lounger with fore-and-aft movable backrest so passengers can optimize their conversation or viewing space.