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either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings

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Overall, the mean of populations for head height width, proboscis length, thorax length, abdomen length, fore wing length width, cubital index, hind wing length width, number of hamuli, coxa length, trochanter length, femur length, tibia length and metatarsus length width were found to be 3.
This genus is included in the Trachionus genus-group because of the spined metanotum and the medium-sized to long vein 1-SR of the fore wing despite the comparatively short 2nd and 3rd metasomal tergites.
Fore wing tawny with black boarder; hind wing tawny, black boarder with one series of white spots; corpus bursae stumpy; corpus bursae balloon like with plate like cornuti (Fig.
Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) with a venation type in the fore wings which resembles that in Braconidae.
Fore wing clear, almost reaching tip of metasoma, two-thirds as long as entire body, 2.
Pinned, right antennal segments III-IV, right fore leg distad of coxa, right mid leg distad of femur, and right wings missing, left fore wing except extreme base missing, left fore wing of another specimen fixed with glue to the scutellum, left antennal segments IIa-IV glued on label [1]; genital capsule removed, preserved in plastic microvial with glycerol, pinned with the specimen ([male]).
Fore wings with 13-14 antenodal cross-veins and 9-12 postnodal cross veins (Fore wings with 12-13 antenodal cross veins and 9-10 postnodal cross veins), Male.
Wings as in larger eumaeine species with fore wing length 20-25 mm (measured from radial vein erection to vein R3 terminus); fore wing margins all rounded outwardly; hind wing outer margin is round; wing venation commonplace eumaeine with ten fore wing terminal veins, forewing veins R3 and M1 with shared arising point; eye with very short hairs, paraocular area white, frontoclypeal sclerite black with erect scales, vertex covered with brown scales; labial palp with long medial, shorter apical and even shorter basal segment (their comparative size: 1-5-1.
Fore wing with two dark transverse bands; distal part of stigmal vein longer than proximal part (23:7).
3x as long as wide; mesoscutum with three longitudinal rows of setae; fore wing 3.
2B), marginal vein of fore wing slightly away from wing margin, postmarginal vein almost indistinct (Fig.
Fore wing infuscate, more lightly apically and at base, including basal cell; darker infuscate on first submarginal cell, bellow the stigma, and also on marginal and second submarginal cells.
Body robust, deep sutures on face, crown short and broad, anterior margin only slightly curved; pronotum broad, third apical cell in fore wing stalked; male pygofer appendage ornamented with ledges and furrows; anal tube appendage long, recurved, directed cephalad, tapering (Fig.