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parallel with the keel of a boat or ship

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It was insufferably warm, and fore and aft men sought vainly to sleep.
You mean he got red-mad and raked them all, fore and aft.
Thereafter, fore and aft, I was known by no other name, until the term became a part of my thought-processes and I identified it with myself, thought of myself as Hump, as though Hump were I and had always been I.
It gave me a certain satisfaction to tell him that I had heard his old waggon of a ship crack fore and aft as she went by.
The carpenter should be set to work nailing three-inch battens along the deck below, fore and aft, to keep these boxes from shifting in a sea-way.
The gunner had in the meantime orders to bring two guns, to bear fore and aft, out of the steerage, to clear the deck, and load them with musket-bullets, and small pieces of old iron, and what came next to hand.
We had better stop this towing, or she will burst out suddenly fore and aft before we can clear out.
The shaft driven diesel engine on this large yacht will induce buyers to opt for the fore and aft drop-down thrusters to aid manuveuring and docking.
The Navy specifications stated the "arresting gear will consist of two or more transverse wires stretched across the fore and aft wires.
In its e-mail update since the incident, MOL remarked that the fore and aft parts were "adrift in the Indian Ocean, near 015*12A[sup.
Converging primary nozzle - the diameter of the nozzle decreases moving aft or towards rear of engine (same with fore and aft centre bodies).
Fishermen friendly features include toe-space under the gunnels, oversize gutters and scuppers in cockpit, fore and aft fish boxes, console livewell, plenty of rod storage, and the company's patented RipSkid deck.
There is plenty of legroom in first and second rows and the second row is has fore and aft adjustment.
From Curacao airport, taxis took us to see a green-painted hull with a white-painted superstructure, a midships navigating bridge and aft engine room, with a flying bridge between the fore and aft accommodation.
The company says, along with these new looks, the redesigned headgear features improved ventilation along with fore and aft adjustments for a more individualized fit.