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parallel with the keel of a boat or ship

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At the same time, it should be understood that the CL moves fore and aft on a wing with changes in angle of attack (AoA).
The shaft driven diesel engine on this large yacht will induce buyers to opt for the fore and aft drop-down thrusters to aid manuveuring and docking.
The Navy specifications stated the "arresting gear will consist of two or more transverse wires stretched across the fore and aft wires.
Although the 202 shares the same undercarriage and telescoping mast as the 203, the HBR 202 also offers unique kinematics resulting from an upper structure that rotates 140[degrees] left and right and extends fore and aft 350 mm.
In its e-mail update since the incident, MOL remarked that the fore and aft parts were "adrift in the Indian Ocean, near 015*12A[sup.
Outside, between the breakwaters, the waterway was crowded with vessels of every size, all gay with bunting fore and aft and from the main truck to the deck, waiting to take their place in the triumphant entry into the dock as soon as the tide had reached high water mark.
There is plenty of legroom in first and second rows and the second row is has fore and aft adjustment.
This beauty of a deckboat is equipped with two removable fishing seats with fore and aft pedestal base positions, side rod storage, a bow fishing platform, an aerated bow livewell and an optional trolling motor for the anglers out there.
From Curacao airport, taxis took us to see a green-painted hull with a white-painted superstructure, a midships navigating bridge and aft engine room, with a flying bridge between the fore and aft accommodation.
The company says, along with these new looks, the redesigned headgear features improved ventilation along with fore and aft adjustments for a more individualized fit.
The body is 211mm longer and gets bigger rear doors, a more flexible middle bench seat that now slides fore and aft plus a panoramic fixed sunroof.
The rubber element of Cushyfloat is configured to combine flexibility in the vertical and lateral modes, together with good longitudinal stiffness fore and aft.
This machine comes standard with a front counter weight for greater fore and aft stability.
Armament: Two Bushmaster II 30 mm close-in guns, fore and aft; two Rolling Airframe missile launchers, fore and aft.
The fore and aft sections of the 43,000 dwt vessels will be built at the Damen Shipyards Okean in Ukraine, while the mid-section will be built at the recently acquired Aker Yards Floro shipyard in Norway.