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shallow enough to be crossed by walking or riding on an animal or in a vehicle

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It's still the most af- fordable way for advertisers, big and small, to consistently reach new and existing customers, especially those
Moreover, only after harvest was a large food surplus available to support armies, and only then, long after the rains and their runoff had ended were the dirt roads again passable for large bodies of men, and the streams and rivers low and fordable.
When the last great storm hit Cumbria, in 2009, the Liza remained clear and fordable the following day, while other rivers roared into furious spate.
It is fordable when not in flood; but an eastern man is likely to remember for some time his sensations during the passage.
pr In contrast to an application the Court of Protection, Pr making an LPA LP is a relatively easy affor af dable fordable for process.
The trust said: "The 'Way Forward' continues to place excessive emphasis on the need for the club to own its own stadium, which we believe at this time is an unaf-unaf fordable aim, which would add significantly to the burden of debt borne by the club.
Mr Miliband rejected suggestions that an above-inflation rise in the minimum wage would be unaf-unaf fordable for the public sector, which is one of the biggest employers of low-paid staff, and would cost jobs.
It was a crossroads where the River Severn was fordable and you've got Offa's Dyke meeting there as well so it was an arterial place.
The firm is the brainchild of Dutch businessman Chadha, who spotted a gap in the market for hotels that were af fordable yet chic.
Almost one in 10 households are doubly exposed: facing the prospect of their mortgage becoming increasingly unaf-f fordable in the future and with the market offering them limited, if any, choice today.
The generic pharmaceutical industry will continue to work with the FDA and other stakeholders to make sure that any changes to labeling rules and regulations protect patient safety, align with federal laws and do not hinder patient access to more af fordable generic medicines," he said.
When crossing the Potomac into Maryland, I had calculated upon the river remaining fordable during the summer, so as to enable me to recross at my pleasure, but a series of storms commencing the day after our entrance into Maryland has placed the river beyond fording stage and the present storms will keep it so for at least a week.