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feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat

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Whatever the rights and wrongs of a hunger strike as a political weapon, nothing can justify the forcible feeding of a prisoner.
Forcible feeding was the most painful indignity to which women were subjected.
Forcible feeding was urged by Edward VII, set in motion by Home Secretary Gladstone in September of 1909, and condoned by ministers of the Cabinet; the practice continued intermittently into 1914.
in Letters, 200; P&P, 287), Lytton's narrative demonstrates how in the process of forcible feeding, a vestige remains of the old theater of power, remarked by Foucault, wherein a king (a pope or a dictator) may utterly annihilate the body of any treasonable subject because he has the sovereign right to do so (D&P, 47-57).
As Howlett points out, "Suffragist visual representations of forcible feeding inevitably risked being" misinterpreted (14).
Two: Forcible Feeding (The Doctor Speaks) After three days of hunger strike, I prescribed forcible feeding.
Forcible feeding, as event, lent itself to a variety of representations of femininity - those produced by the Artists' Suffrage League imaged forcible feeding as a rape of the womanly woman, those produced by anti-suffragists presented angelic nurses forced to deal with a disorderly and unruly crone.
Images and narratives of forcible feeding position the female speaking subject as spectacle.
She would be imprisoned many more times and subjected to forcible feeding when she staged hunger strikes.
Forcible feeding counts as one such offence, unless the individual is classed as not in their right mind, and therefore unable to make the rational decision whether to eat or not.
The Daily Sketch printed photographs showing re-enactments of the forcible feeding, while two feature writers on the Daily News resigned.
Hunger Strikers, Forcible feeding is never ethically acceptable.
Indeed he shocked the Commons by shaking his fist in Asquith's face in 1912, calling the prime minister beyond contempt for authorising the forcible feeding of suffragettes, subsequently resigning his seat for Bow and Bromley to force a by-election on the suffrage issue.
The Home Secretary and the governor and medical officer of Winson Green Prison, Birmingham, successfully defended an action which was brought against them in the King's Bench Division yesterday by Mrs (Mary) Leigh, a suffragist, whose hunger strike was brought to an abrupt end by forcible feeding .
For example, she criticises Romero and Winslow for suggesting that Sylvia was in search of a father-figure, and that her willingness to undertake hunger strikes and forcible feeding, of which she disapproved, reflected her desire to win love and attention from her mother.