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Synonyms for force

Synonyms for force

power used to overcome resistance

effective means of influencing, compelling, or punishing

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the capacity to exert an influence

a group of people organized for a particular purpose

to cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance

to compel by pressure or threats

to compel (another) to participate in or submit to a sexual act

Synonyms for force

a powerful effect or influence

an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists)

one possessing or exercising power or influence or authority

a group of people having the power of effective action

Related Words

(of a law) having legal validity

a putout of a base runner who is required to run

to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"

urge or force (a person) to an action


Related Words

impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably

squeeze like a wedge into a tight space

force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically


take by force


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With the ServoTube linear motor's sinusoidal magnetic field design, Hall sensors in the forcer can provide position information with repeatability of 12 microns, thereby eliminating the need for a linear encoder," notes Will Vinson, Dunkermotoren USA president.
Heaping compost, straw or well-rotted manure around the forcer or bucket will generate a bit more warmth and they will start producing even sooner.
We believe that it is time to update the law to make it an offence for a driver simply to have a drug in their system known to cause impairment," says Forcer.
The forcers then accelerate rapidly and, when synchronized with the web, the heating element switches on to seal the zips into place.
Hall position sensors embedded within the forcer provide a clear operational advantage compared to external encoders, eliminating the possibility of degradation from tarnishing or soiling, or damage by physical contact--a real consideration in factory floor environments.
The forcer incorporates a series of coils connected as three phase windings, which generate linear force when excited.
Forcing excludes light from the growing crown by the use of a rhubarb forcer or just an up-turned bucket.
Q I received a gorgeous terracotta rhubarb forcer for Christmas but am not sure when to use it.
3 POP a rhubarb forcer or large bucket of dry straw over one of your rhubarb crowns to "force" it.
The motor's two basic components, the thrust rod and forcer, allow it to be used with standard industrial fittings as well as to be integrated with a variety of automation systems.
The Tetra Alex 2 reduces the size of fat globules in the milk and disperses them evenly by forcing the product through a small annular gap created by the forcer and the seat ring.
Laporte said the 31-year-old Toulouse lock Miorin, 'is a forcer, a tackler and a good enough jumper despite his size.
Pres de 300 migrants en situation irreguliere ont tente, durant la nuit de mercredi a jeudi, de forcer le passage vers le preside occupe de Melillia a travers le lieu dit Tisemghine, malgre les sommations d'usage operees par les forces de l'ordre.
On ne saurait forcer un destin qui, au depart, nous annoncait cette enieme deconvenue.
Les armes nucleaires de la Coree Songun ne sont pas des marchandises destinees a avoir des dollars US et elles ne doivent pas etre mises sur la table des negociations pour forcer le Nord a desarmer", a-t-il dit.