forceps delivery

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delivery in which forceps are inserted through the vagina and used to grasp the head of the fetus and pull it through the birth canal

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A Cochrane review has reported that the pros and cons of vacuum extraction when compared with forceps delivery14 results showed that vacuum delivery almost replaced forceps delivery.
Teesside senior coroner Clare Bailey gave a narrative verdict that Noah died of rare complications of Kielland's forceps delivery.
Among suspicious tracings, 9 cases delivered by caesarean section, 8 delivered by forceps delivery and all ominous cases were delivered by caesarean section.
Another interest literature report from United Kingdom in 2015 suggested Kielland's forceps has a similar rate of 3 [sup]rd - and 4 [sup]th -degree perineal tear compared with low forceps delivery.
Results: The subjects undergoing forceps delivery had a significantly higher Apgar score (8.
Women who had both a episiotomy and a forceps delivery were markedly more likely to suffer an anal sphincter tear than other women (OR 25.
A randomised prospective study comparing the new vacuum extractor policy with forceps delivery.
Dingfelder made a decision to perform a forceps delivery rather than allow the patient to begin pushing and attempt a normal vaginal delivery.
Dr Waney Squier, a consultant neuropathologist at the Oxford Radcliffe hospitals, said the baby, Patrick McGuire, had a 'difficult' birth - a forceps delivery which involved considerable pressure on a baby's head.
Sisam abandoned an attempt at a forceps delivery and ordered an emergency Csection.
Yang and hospital staff members were in a nearby labor and delivery room attempting a forceps delivery of Samantha.
In an age of overly-medicalized pregnancies, this book gives you the real low-down--pregnant women who exercise are 50 percent less likely to need labor induced with pitocin and 75 percent less likely to need a C-section or forceps delivery.
The 2 treatment groups did not differ significantly except that the ibuprofen group contained more women who had had forceps delivery.
During labor and delivery, she stands a good chance of getting intravenous infusions, injections of medications that facilitate labor and reduce pain, continuous electrode monitoring of her unborn child and, perhaps, a forceps delivery or a cesarean section.