forceps delivery

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delivery in which forceps are inserted through the vagina and used to grasp the head of the fetus and pull it through the birth canal

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We don't have the skills to perform other emergency delivery techniques, like forceps delivery.
Identified risk factors for PPH were Asian race, maternal blood disorders, prior PPH, history of retained placenta, multiple pregnancy, antepartum hemorrhage, genital tract lacerations, macrosomia (>4 kg), and induction of labor, as well as chorioamnionitis, intrapartum hemorrhage, still birth, compound fetal presentation, epidural anesthesia, prolonged first/second stage of labor, and forceps delivery after a failed vacuum.
A COVENTRY mum who lost her baby daughter when her skull was fractured during a forceps delivery has welcomed news the doctor involved has been referred to the General Medical Council.
30am after a dramatic forceps delivery following complications.
In a 1971 review of 2,568 fetuses in the OP/OT position who were managed by a trial of manual rotation followed by low forceps delivery from 1951 to 1960, morbidity or mortality occurred in 0.
The baby's head was in the wrong place so Suzannah ended up in the operating theatre for a forceps delivery," said grandad Bill, who lives in Normanby.
He was born at Morriston but they couldn't find my records so there was a forceps delivery resulting in severe brain injury.
Evan was left with terrible injuries following his forceps delivery birth at Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital in 2000.
Baby Megan was not born until after two unsuccessful vacuum deliveries and three unsuccessful attempts by Dr Watson at forceps delivery.
as necessary only if spontaneous bearing down is compromised by anesthesia, or if a forceps delivery is anticipated.
The labour was straightforward until the end when his heart rate dropped and I had to have a forceps delivery.
She was born with an emergency forceps delivery in April 2008 and rushed to the special baby care unit at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London, for tests.
In the middle of a forceps delivery simulation, for instance, you may realize that "this needs to be done all the time just like this.