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an extractor consisting of a pair of pincers used in medical treatment (especially for the delivery of babies)

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The art of instrumental delivery (use of forceps and vacuum), though existing for centuries, has earned a disreputation due to the possibility of poor maternal and foetal outcome.
Later that evening, with an attempt to manually rotate his head having failed, a forceps delivery was carried out at 10.
The tapering tip of dilation catheter that could allow passage of not ordinary forceps but SpyBite[TM] forceps of which diameter is only 1mm, however, is easily pass through the papilla without EST.
Univariate analysis of 49 cases and 438 control subjects showed that forceps delivery (odds ratio [OR] =8.
With the US cesarean delivery rate hovering at 31%, it may be time to revisit forceps (Keilland forceps in particular), says William H.
5kg at 11AM by forceps application for prolonged second stage of labor in a government hospital and she was referred to our hospital at 5:30PM with history of post-partum hemorrhage (PPH) with 1 pint of packed cells on flow there was delay of about 5% hours to reach our hospital after delivery.
A NURSE was sacked after a pair of forceps was left in a patient during and operation.
A CORONER yesterday highlighted a number of risks including the use of forceps during the birth of a baby who died at one week.
Objective: To evaluate neonatal outcome in terms of Apgar score after forceps and ventouse delivery in pregnant ladies indicated to have instrumental deliveries.
A HEARTBROKEN couple told yesterday how their newborn girl died after medics used controversial forceps to deliver her.
But this option should be considered along with another obstetrical maneuver: the Scanzoni maneuver or use of forceps to rotate a fetus.
Station's line of Cautery Forceps is ideal for a variety of open surgical procedures where fine-precision, soft-tissue cutting and sealing is required.
We read with interest the article published by Dr Kaiser and colleagues (1) on the comparison of progressive dilatational vs forceps dilatational percutaneous tracheostomy.
Objetivo: determinar el porcentaje de partos instrumentados en el Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paul, durante un periodo de 5 anos y caracterizar los partos en relacion al tipo de forceps utilizados, indicaciones y tecnica empleada.
The worms removed with forceps and identified as M.