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mixture of ground raw chicken and mushrooms with pistachios and truffles and onions and parsley and lots of butter and bound with eggs


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A forcemeat is a mixture of well-seasoned meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, that is finely chopped or ground, then cooked and served alone or used as a stuffing.
My husband had opted for corn-fed chicken breast stuffed with spiced pork forcemeat with bubble and squeak and pancetta juice (pounds 13.
Our meal always started with a good-sized square of wholesome Yorkshire pudding with lots of gravy, followed by a generous helping of goose and large helpings of potato, sprouts, mashed turnips, forcemeat and onion stuffing.
Recipes range from the basic - potato leek soup - to the incredibly complex - turkey galantine (a turkey that has been deboned, filled with a forcemeat mixture and cooked).
Main course Roast poussin with forcemeat, prune and Armagnac stuffing.
18m and get myself in the final then I'm hoping to forcemeat into the top five.
What we did know was that it was boned, filled with an onion and apple forcemeat, wrapped in bacon and served with a wild berry sauce and cost pounds 16.
I found a recipe for turkey with truffle stuffing, but we ended up settling for a delicious forcemeat stuffing which is still a family favourite today.
The same can be said of a stuffed chicken creation ($17) where the chef flavors his forcemeat stuffing with roasted sweet peppers and asparagus, then utilizes the same vegetables as a worthy accompaniment along with buttery sliced gratin potatoes and a brandy-boosted bordelaise as the rich saucing.
Experienced eating outers that they are, our 12 year-old and 10-year-old still weren't sure quite what to make of a menu which includes veal chop with cardamom scented hash brown and spiced honey sauce, wild mushroom and walnuts baked in a pear with blue cheese and Gloucester old spot pork belly and forcemeat of English mushrooms on a pillow of creamed leeks.
with sweetbread and courgette, forcemeat, garlic and thyme(Recipe for 4 persons)Ingredients:350g breast of North Ronaldsay lamb with the ribs30cl (centilitre) olive oil1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar' soup spoon chopped parsleyfor the stuffing:25g shallots150g courgettes (zucchini)170g North Ronaldsay lamb sweetbread2cl olive oilsalt, pepper, thyme2 soup spoons white breadcrumbsfor the garnish:1 garlic clove30g celery1 tomato1 thyme twig1 shallotPre-preparation:BreastRemove the ribs without damaging the skin.
Then wet it with a brush dipped in egg white to fix upon the forcemeat some large half-moons of truffles in the form of fish scales, pressing them down lightly with the blade of a knife.
Once it's reduced it's blended into a forcemeat (nothing violent - force is just an old word for stuffing) to be layered with the strips of duck breast.
A fish bisque is made from a forcemeat of carp, carp eggs, carp milk, and shrimp.