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mixture of ground raw chicken and mushrooms with pistachios and truffles and onions and parsley and lots of butter and bound with eggs


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Such dramatists as Turgay Nar ("The Seamstress's Scissors," "Love's Legs" and "Okra with Forcemeat Cooked in Pressure Cooker"), Memet Baydur ("Love"), Civan Canova ("On the Doomsday's Eve," "The Light on the Opposite Side of the Red" and "The Leaves of Jasmine"), Ozen Yula ("Tired of Red" and "Black Oriental Eyes") and Behi?
It boasts a secret ingredient, what the French call a ''farce,'' but we call it forcemeat.
Count up your injuries in its side dishes of ailing sweetbreads in white poultices, of apothecaries 'powders in rice for curry, of pale stewed bits of calf ineffectually relying for an adventitious interest on forcemeat balls.
Another of the specialities of the house is Teifi Valley beef olives - meat stuffed with tasty black pudding forcemeat and braised in red wine.
Some of the most common include broiled, steamed, fried, baked, stewed, flaked, smoked, poached, braised and made into forcemeat.
When broiled and stuffed with forcemeat and served in their own shells, they form an ornament on the table.
Forcemeat of French origin, sometimes served en croute.
And there are so many fine dishes to be revived: the succulent neck, the shoulder rolled around forcemeat, the cavalier's broil (with pickled mushrooms), the real Irish stew, the scrag stewed in onions, the kidneys in the ancient Oxford breakfast manner or sliced thin a la francaise, the slightly curried China chilo minced with pease and cucumber, the old mutton gravies, especially soubise, and cold mutton--which didn't mean cold in a lunchpail sandwich, but leftover cutlets dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and then fried.
My husband had opted for corn-fed chicken breast stuffed with spiced pork forcemeat with bubble and squeak and pancetta juice (pounds 13.
Fresh fish amounted to 10% of total catch in 2004, while 37% was frozen or made into forcemeat, reported the online edition of the Norwegian newspaper Norway Post.
Our meal always started with a good-sized square of wholesome Yorkshire pudding with lots of gravy, followed by a generous helping of goose and large helpings of potato, sprouts, mashed turnips, forcemeat and onion stuffing.
Recipes range from the basic - potato leek soup - to the incredibly complex - turkey galantine (a turkey that has been deboned, filled with a forcemeat mixture and cooked).
Forcemeat made into balls with egg, pickled mushrooms, salt, pepper spice and vinegar.
18m and get myself in the final then I'm hoping to forcemeat into the top five.
Beat lightly with a mallet until the piece of meat is evenly flattened, then wrap around a small nugget of chosen forcemeat, stuffing, or other ingredients of your choice.