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lacking force



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The slow and heavy rhythm of the process of laws' adoption made the Romanian Parliament be perceived like a forceless institution, dominated by the Executive, whose imagine was affected by frequent legislative modifications (the 2003 constitutional revision, the introduction of uninominal vote in 2008), leading to the diminution of people's confidence in this institution (6).
Underlying Cooper's notion of a "double standard" is the belief that force is somehow backwards, a lower stage on man's evolutionary ascent to a forceless world where conscience rules.
The secret of true adequation is that the mental force becomes forceless in the decisive point, like a balance pointer at zero, by listening to both sides at once, percept and concept.
The day after the Countryside March the then Agriculture Secretary Mr Jack Cunningham, now the forceless Government enforcer, said Labour would be "failing in its duty" if it did not listen to the marchers' concerns.
Secondary signs & symptoms: Dizziness, heart palpitations, vexatious heat in the five hearts or centers, spontaneous perspiration or night sweats, oral thirst with a predilection for drinking, reddish urine, constipation, a tender red tongue with possible teeth-marks on its edges, and a fine, forceless or bound, regularly intermittent pulse