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with intense energy and force

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Another woman Noreen complained to the SSP that her divorced husband and her in-laws had forcefully taken custody of her 6-month old infant.
The plan to forcefully relocate the Bedouin is based on the Israeli Civil Administration's assumption that the Oslo Accords intended Area C for Israeli settlements and military areas, therefore the Bedouin should not be there, the newspaper added.
According to the statement of the Greek embassy in Sofia, Mehmed has not been held forcefully by an individual in Greece and has not been put under conditions of forced labor.
He had forcefully tried to kiss a Lebanese woman in November 2013, after helping her find a taxi.
In Sukkur, QAT workers held a sitin at City Bypass while in Nawabshah, shops were forcefully shut while traffic was delayed on Hospital Road when protesters burnt tyres.
According to prosecution records, the defendant followed the complainant as she was walking back home late one night and forcefully dragged her into his car, where he allegedly kissed her.
Summary: A Hezbollah flag was taken down by the police after being raised on a balcony in a Jounieh neighborhood, after members of the National Liberal Party threatened to remove it forcefully.
KARACHI -- Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon on Tuesday stated that policy based on agitation and violence is not appropriate for the democracy of the country whereas Imran Khan should not shut down the markets forcefully.
Metropolitan Police spokesman Preeda Sathaworn elaborated the police security measure to deal with upcoming Red-shirts rally to commemorate the second anniversary of their anti-government demonstration being forcefully dispersed in May 2010.
000 Iraqis legitimately living in Sweden are being threatened to be forcefully deported.
If they don't roll back the increased toll then we will forcefully make the DND toll free on Wednesday.
The government will forcefully confront the suspicious calls to violate law and order and those who stand behind them through decisive measures," he said.
Residents of northern Baghlan province have accused tribal militias, hired by government, of forcefully taking usher from them.
Thus France calls, forcefully, for the publication without delay by the
KARACHI, May 11 -- The employees of Habib Bank Limited who were forcefully sacked from their jobs, are planning to challenge the privatisation of the bank in the Supreme Court.