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Synonyms for force

Synonyms for force

power used to overcome resistance

effective means of influencing, compelling, or punishing

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the capacity to exert an influence

a group of people organized for a particular purpose

to cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance

to compel by pressure or threats

to compel (another) to participate in or submit to a sexual act

Synonyms for force

a powerful effect or influence

an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists)

one possessing or exercising power or influence or authority

a group of people having the power of effective action

Related Words

(of a law) having legal validity

a putout of a base runner who is required to run

to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"

urge or force (a person) to an action


Related Words

impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably

squeeze like a wedge into a tight space

force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically


take by force


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Another schoolboy to impress was unbeaten 42kg champion Sonny Lee, of Bonymaen, who forced the pace in his contest with John Janes (St Joes, Newport).
Desperate not to let Walton or Davidson take the win, Ash, Kenny, Humphrey and Bayliss forced the pace until the last turn towards Wallridge Cross Roads.
Colwyn forced the pace and but for Walsh they would have increased their advantage.
Wycombe, with just one win from the last seven League games, gallantly forced the pace in search of a second equaliser only to find City keeper Steve Phillips inspired.
However, there's no guarantee he'll have his own way here against two rivals who forced the pace on their latest starts.
Price forced the pace in the opening exchanges, but Holloway found his man with sharp left jabs towards the end of the second round.
Macklin forced the pace and may well have been ahead on points when the dramatic end came with the sudden flourish of blows.
As Cook and Graham forced the pace further, Barnett's trio began to lose pace a little and, as they took the bell, Freil was the only one with anything left in his legs to change the positions and made his bid.