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Synonyms for medication

Synonyms for medication

an agent used to restore health

a substance used in the treatment of disease

Synonyms for medication

(medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease

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the act of treating with medicines or remedies

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85) The court held that Kendra's Law was not subject to a Rivers analysis because a court-ordered treatment plan involving medication did not constitute forced medication.
115) He concluded that the charges were not serious enough to warrant forced medication of the defendant who was a non-dangerous pre-trial detainee "cloaked with the presumption of innocence.
For more information about forced medication, including what can be done about it, see the article beginning on page 19.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that, on a matter of first impression, a state does not violate the Eighth Amendment or due process by executing an inmate who has regained competency through forced medication that is part of appropriate medical care.
Ms Thompson said: 'Too often people are left to become so ill that their first experience of mental health services is a police escort to psychiatric hospital and forced medication under a section of the Mental Health Act.
The human rights issue of forced medication is also being questioned.
The nurses' responsibilities during the forced medication process include:
The prosecution allegeS s Penelope Webber, 51, from Ystradfellte, Aberdare, forced medication onto both elderly men, actually kneeling on top of one to do so.
It is a move sure to spark fierce debate and controversy, with many factions fiercely opposed to the move, claiming it is forced medication.
Of the patients interviewed in the 2002 study, 83% said they felt vulnerable on the wards and 67% said they witnessed either staff being attacked, a suicide or attempted suicide or restraints being used by staff or forced medication.
Since a physician's duty is to "do no harm," arguably he or she is ethically prohibited from prescribing or administering forced medication, knowing the intervention could lead to the patient's death.
While the ruling was a landmark victory for the mentally ill, it also left open the possibility of forced medication under strict conditions.
Advocacy groups who attended the commission's first meeting were already rallying against possible medical-model solutions that put medication-based approaches, particularly forced medication policies, high on the list of prescribed fixes.