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an unscheduled airplane landing that is made under circumstances (engine failure or adverse weather) not under the pilot's control

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On July 15 in1941 a Miles Master, singleengined trainer - a wheels up forced landing near Medomsley.
The drama - which has earned him the Air Force Cross - happened last July when the student pilot was practising forced landings at Mona airfield in the centre of Anglesey.
But when she actually landed in Darwin after only 19 days, she was treated as a heroine as she was the first woman to fly solo from England, surviving sandstorms and forced landings.
Mr McMullin, who has 50 hours' flying experience, said: "We had practised forced landings before although obviously not landing in a field.
It was a time when engines shed exhaust valves with predictable regularity and forced landings were routine.
Airport spokeswoman Stacy Geere said crashes and even forced landings are extremely rare at Van Nuys, although specific figures were not immediately available.
OThese incidents involved forced landings where CASA believes employees of Alligator Airways were aware of significant defects affecting the safety of aircraft prior to flight.
We had practised forced landings before, although obviously not landing in a field.
But the information that the FAA plans to make available will allow anyone with access to the World Wide Web to search through nearly 20 years of data, using a software ``search engine,'' to spot incidents of equipment failure, forced landings and other incidents.