forced landing

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an unscheduled airplane landing that is made under circumstances (engine failure or adverse weather) not under the pilot's control

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) said Airbus and Rolls-Royce have advised SIA to carry out technical checks on its A380s following the forced landing of a Qantas plane.
Five hundred years after its launch a colony ship carrying four thousand humans in search of a new home finds itself on a dangerous world after a forced landing leaves the ship in a polar section of the Helix--a construct of worlds.
The German, government documents show, knew that Thompson had lived in San Antonio, among other particulars about his life in America, and that he had made a forced landing.
We are both trained for a forced landing but it was pretty frightening and we are just relieved that we got down safely and that no-one was hurt.
A T-34C Turbo-Mentor of VT-27 suffered Class A damage after a forced landing in Texas due to an inflight engine failure on 12 January.
A DOHA-BOUND Qatar Airways flight made a forced landing in Cairo today after a Kuwaiti man tried to make the pilot fly to Geneva, the airline's spokeswoman said.
While setting up for a forced landing, he also saw N1 rolling down through 50 percent; minimum N1 in-fligth is 62 to 65 percent.
20pm when the military plane was involved in a 'bird-strike' just 15 miles from St Athan and requested permission to make a forced landing.
Another experienced pilot calculated that there probably was a forced landing for every two hours of flying time.
The celebratory dance works already include Dianne McIntyre's Takeoff from a Forced Landing and Warren Spears' On the Wings of Angels.
The plane, belonging to the Kadena Aeroclub, made a forced landing at around 4:30 p.
2 -- color) The pilot sits in the downed Cessna 402's hatchway Wednesday as investigators ask about the circumstances of his forced landing.
The 391 passengers on board the packed Boeing 747 were told to get into the brace position and put on life jackets because a forced landing was imminent.
July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the forced landing of the US-LTA "Bigfoot" airship in New York City on Sunday, the crew of The Family Channel blimp, also currently in New York, saluted today pilots Leander Cermak and Pat Russell for their skills in landing the airship without major injury to themselves or those on the ground.
The first grounding took place August 24, 2001 after the forced landing of two CHP planes when their engines suddenly died during flight and a third plane had metal shavings in the crankshaft.