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feed someone who will not or cannot eat

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Allan went on a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention without charge or trial and is currently facing the risk of being force-fed, despite wide international condemnation of such practice.
But this is the reality of the dog meat industry in Vietnam, where thousands are force-fed to increase their weight, and therefore their market value.
Also new: SRS Bridge-Buster force-fed hopper for large runners and Screenless Bi-Cutter granulator with adjustable rotor tolerances for TPE and soft plastics.
4 seconds to get a shot but watched as Walton force-fed the ball to Bryant off an inbounds play almost at midcourt.
In late December, the military reported that 32 long-term strikers were being force-fed.
Should the patient be force-fed because many regard it as 'treatment'?
During his imprisonment, reports the Telegraph, Wang "witnessed two deaths, one from a heart attack during treatment and one person who died while being force-fed.
It is not possible to humanely produce foie gras because it is derived from the grossly enlarged and diseased livers of ducks or geese that have been confined and force-fed massive quantities of unnatural food.
EX-MATRON Avola Humphreys, alleged to have force-fed an elderly man at a residential home until he choked to death, claimed a carer who witnessed it was lying.
Commerce Feeds Creativity again made use of a distorted allegorical vocabulary, depicting a naked, rope-bound female muse (aka Creativity) being force-fed drooling spoonfuls of soup by a jeering green creep (aka Commerce).
Georgians are being force-fed religion this session by elected officials trampling the U.
I visit a five-star restaurant for a feast of foie gras--slices of the livers of geese that were force-fed until they nearly burst.
Certainly he wants the right not to be force-fed and, if he chooses, the right not to eat and then to die.
Restrained by a mother hoping to curtail any behavior resembling that of an amoral father, Ada was force-fed science and mathematics.
Instead one felt, as in Nelken, with its images of wailing, force-fed adults, and men bursting out of too-small women's clothes, a curious jumble of the horrid and the cutesy.