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feed someone who will not or cannot eat

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She said officers force-fed her through her rectum, writing it "was done in a cruel way, causing great pain".
After Ainsworth left prison, Patricia Woodlock, Charlotte Marsh and Mary Leigh remained in prison and continued to be force-fed and had to petition the Home Secretary to allow their solicitor to visit them in the cells.
Allan went on a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention without charge or trial and is currently facing the risk of being force-fed, despite wide international condemnation of such practice.
Around 38 million male ducks and a million geese are force-fed and then killed each year in France.
Loeb, who was sentenced to two years for cheque fraud after a business partner withdrew promised funding for his general trading business, fears he will be force-fed when he collapses.
Al Bilad Press 'Prisoner Was Not Force-Fed' A BDF spokesperson yesterday debunked rumours that Abdulahadi Al Khawaja, who has been on a hunger strike, was force-fed yesterday.
In his letter Brady writes: "I request and expect nothing from the vermin here, except a coffin, and I'm politically force-fed.
Brady, 71, is now a healthy 10 stone thanks to being force-fed by a tube directly into his stomach.
Foie gras is the swollen liver of a goose or duck that has been force-fed fatty grain.
5-liter engine has been cast aside for the E-Class, although those with a hankering for force-fed power can still get 5.
The United States has force-fed many people--American slaves who hoped
Also new: SRS Bridge-Buster force-fed hopper for large runners and Screenless Bi-Cutter granulator with adjustable rotor tolerances for TPE and soft plastics.
In late December, the military reported that 32 long-term strikers were being force-fed.
Should the patient be force-fed because many regard it as 'treatment'?
During his imprisonment, reports the Telegraph, Wang "witnessed two deaths, one from a heart attack during treatment and one person who died while being force-fed.