force majeure

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a natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events

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The pipeline closures do not always lead to a force majeure declaration, and even when they do, it does not preclude some export cargoes from loading.
On the other hand, one can argue that force majeure is not always related to political events and, even if this is the case, public companies or governmental entities are not always able to control political risks.
In Canada, as with other common law jurisdictions, force majeure arises from the terms of a particular contract as opposed to operating as an independent legal doctrine that is applied to all contracts.
After ECJ's ruling in late September, railway companies are now legally obliged to compensate their customers in case of delays or cancellations due to force majeure, for example storms, floods or strikes.
Examples of events triggering early termination rights in the Kogas Agreement and the BG Agreement include (1) the failure of the purchaser to take or the seller to make available more than 50% of scheduled cargos in any 12-month period; or (2) Force Majeure preventing a party from taking or making available 50% or more of specified quantities of LNG for a total of 24 out of 36 months.
Simply stated, all acts by the Gaddafi regime triggered an event of force majeure that justified the nonperformance of the international contractors' obligations under their contractors.
The stand up comic who has played all over the world, including selling out New York's Madison Square Garden, is calling it his Force Majeure tour.
Force Majeure means superior force or chance occurrence in French, It is also the title of Eddie Izzard's most extensive comedy tour ever, visiting 25 countries in total.
17, 2011, the company's local unit Sonde North Africa issued a force majeure and suspended its operations, explaining to its share-holders that its work at the prospect had come to a halt because of international sanctions on Libyan state companies and individuals involved in the project.
Shell on July 12 said it had lifted a force majeure declaration on Bonny Light loadings.
Use of force majeure in Gulf is all in a good clause
The situation has been made worse by "the numerable force majeure notifications" over the last six months and the IK says that the wording of some of the notifications does not always meet the requirements for a force majeure.
We can appeal to the international community and say we had force majeure.
April 28 2010 - Bunge has declared force majeure on rapemeal deliveries after a fire at a rapeseed crushing plant in Mannheim, Germany, market sources have said.