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the space around a radiating body within which its electromagnetic oscillations can exert force on another similar body not in contact with it

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The force field in binary lattice space is a gauge boson force field, the force field in binary partition space is denoted as a hedge boson force field.
In other words, the selection of a force field is of paramount importance in any MD simulation.
These studies apply force field methods such as the Merck Molecular Force Field (MMFF[R]) and AMBER[R] in the context of molecular dynamics and free-energy calculations, as well as conventional gas-phase minimizations.
The choice for a gravitational force field was made partly because of the participants' assumed natural familiarity with such fields and partly because of the availability of software tools to create such fields (Keyson & Tang, 1995).
In Morris's terms, the sculptural object generates a kind of force field that extends into and takes over its surroundings, thereby creating a new spatial and architectural condition.
He locates his schoolroom texts within an extensive force field of cultural hegemony, in which the top down transmission of values was subject to various forms of contestation and negotiation.
The class of eighteen Army and Air Force field and company grade officers, and noncommissioned officers, all of from the Mexico Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), were eager students and highly motivated in learning both the basics and foreign military sales (FMS) case-specifics of the U.
The modification program delivered 6,600 modified missiles to Air Force field units.
The force field is a visual aid that helps students organize information relevant to a decision by identifying the values affecting it.
The pod is like a Star Trek force field that is strapped to the diver and emits an electronic force field that repels sharks,'' Gennie Sheer said.
Devices strapped to the divers' backs, as they are propelled by underwater scooters, will provide a force field to keep sharks at bay.
Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) was a social psychologist whose extensive work covered studies of leadership styles and their effects, work on group decision-making, the development of force field theory, the unfreeze/change/refreeze change management model, the `action research' approach to research, and the group dynamics approach to training, (especially in the form of T Groups).
Kingwell gives a provocative deconstruction of "eight persistent myths about television" that "form a kind of force field of deflection around television, a buffer of protective nostrums.
based Universal Ventures and inventor of Force Field, a glow-in-the-dark children's comforter that premiered at the New York Home Textiles Market here recently.
Homeowners will raise the roof--or lower, tilt, or spin it--by changing the intensity of the force field.