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mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings

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7DAYS was unable to confirm with prison authorities whether it is their policy to force feed people whose lives are in danger due to hunger striking.
I asked whether it was her first time ever to force feed someone.
He said after considering Brady's physical, psychiatric and legal position, a decision was made to force feed him.
In the prison service the policy is not to force feed.
In order to make their livers over 10 times their normal size and almost entirely fat, foie gras producers force feed the ducks massive quantities of food three times per day for almost a month.
Developer of the world's first force Feed Back racing wheel, the company also holds patents, and receives licensing revenues for these technologies.
Developer of the world's first Force Feed Back racing wheel, the company also holds patents and receives licensing revenues for these technologies.
Following the company's successful launch of the ULTIMATE Per4mer(TM) Force Feed Back racing wheel in February 1998, the Air Racer(TM) game controller promises to revolutionize the PC and Video Gaming Controller industry.
Allans lawyer, Jamil al-Khatib, reported that the Israeli military prosecutor notified him of their intention to turn Saturday evening to central military court to attain a ruling to immediately force feed Allan.
The way to end the hunger strikes is not to force feed hunger-strikers but to address the underlying human rights violations against which they are protesting, namely, the practice of administrative detention", they said.
html) document that details military instructions and standard operating procedure in force feed detainees.
The US military running the Guantanamo detention camp says that during Ramadan it will continue to force feed some of the Muslim prisoners on hunger strike, but will only do so between sunset and sunrise, in keeping with Islamic practice.
10 (BNA): Israeli authorities shifted Palestinian POW Mohammed Allah to a hospital in Ashkelon on Monday in preparation to force feed him after another hospital in Beersheba had refused to force feed him in after the Israeli medical association declined to implement Israeli force-feeding policy on him.