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Synonyms for forbear


Synonyms for forbear

to hold oneself back

Synonyms for forbear

a person from whom you are descended

refrain from doing


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Her hand was on the bell, but she had forborne to ring it.
Julius had not anticipated that sh e would approach, of her own accord, the painful subject on which he had himself forborne to touch.
Until this dauntless worldling came in and broke the spell, and lifted the latch, we too have forborne to enter into that sad chamber.
You are a witness yourself that I have forborne to utter a single call, while I am certain it could reach those ears it would gladden so much.
The child thought, more than once that he was moved: and had forborne to speak.
30pm), Coverage of the Group C forborne at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kurnasi, betwiin two of the outsiders for glory, with Camerron and Ehupt still to play, defeat for either here would make qualification for a the quarter-finals extremely tough
Whereas the distracted state of England, threatened with a cloud of blood by a civil war, calls for all possible means to appease and avert the wrath of God, it is therefore thought fit and ordained by the Lords and Commons in this parliament assembled that, while these set causes and set times of humiliation continue, public stage plays shall cease and be forborne.